Manscaping: “Maybe they realise it’s actually quite fun”


Stephanie Darling dedicates a chapter of her new book to the highs, lows and need-to-knows of male grooming, so she and Deborah discuss the rise of manscaping and how her career has impacted the men in her family.

While somewhat impacted by today’s “anti-grooming” trend of beards, manscaping treatments and grooming products continue to grow in relevance to consumers.

Source: (Australian Financial Review Online 2015)
In the past five years, there has been a flood of new products specifically targeted at men from companies such as L’Oreal, Clinique, Clarins and Nivea, according to IBISWorld’s latest Cosmetic and Toiletry Retailing in Australia Industry Report. Ryan Lin, IBISWorld Senior Industry Analyst, estimates annual sales of total men’s grooming products in Australia now exceed $500 million a year.

Manscaping the Darling’s

“I’ve got two sons who are right in that zone at 22 and 24 and probably because they are my sons, are a little bit obsessed with the whole thing,” said Stephanie.

“They’ve got all the names and they are fragrance aficionados but they are very blokey,” she said.

“Men are really embracing that stuff,” she said.

Deb asks if this is a signal of men discovering a more feminine side to themselves?

“Yeah maybe or maybe because they realise it’s actually quite fun,” she said.

In Chapter 3 of Secrets of a Beauty Queen, Stephanie gives groomers valuable advice on all aspects of male grooming including hair removal, teeth whitening, shaving and fragrance selection.

(Source: Secrets of a Beauty Queen)
The Hairy Question
“I’m conducting a straw poll about the fact that lots of men seem to want to be hairless, right down to their genitals, but that lots of women like their men haired up in the right places.”

“There are all sorts of shaving preparations. One of my favourites for men is the pre-shave oil from Tom Ford (of course). It provides a protective barrier and helps improve the ability of the razor to glide over the skin.”

Cross Fragrancing
“All I can say is keep experimenting: Men can wear women’s fragrances and vice versa. If you like the way it smells, dab it on.”

Tomorrow, Stephanie Darling talks about her favourite celebrity interviews.

About Stephanie Darling

Stephanie Darling is Beauty Director of Sunday Life and Daily Life, mother, YSL Tribute devotee and author of Secrets of a Beauty Queen. Stephanie has spent over 20 years working in magazines with the best of the best on Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and madison and interviewed Anne Hathaway
in Paris, Dame Edna in New York and Aerin Lauder in Tokyo. She states she was born in a haze of Chanel No 22 and is obsessed with beauty, lifestyle, words and visuals.


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