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Managing stress and anxiety: Is this a shark or just a piece of seaweed?


Let’s face it, our lives are full of situations that have the potential to cause stress and anxiety.

At work, with our finances, our families and friends….with complete strangers in our community.

In this clip, Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell discuss how we have become accustomed to living and dealing with stress and the impact it’s having on our health and wellbeing.

Their new book, Chaos to Calm dedicates a chapter to providing readers with tools that can help manage stress and anxiety.

Shark versus seaweed: manage stress and anxiety.

“It’s about normal everyday events, so often we are treating them like sharks when really they’re just pieces of seaweed,” said Lyndall.

“Our research is showing that we are going into our stress response on average, 12 times a day. This was designed to be once a month or maybe even once a week,” she said. “So this is what is ageing us and what’s having an impact on our health and wellness.”

“Our bodies are having all of these massive hormone reactions because we get so worked up on all the small things,” said Shannah Kennedy.

“When we’re in that stress response we are actually so ineffective. So whether you are at work or at home, you’re actually not that productive. The thinking part of your brain shuts down, your immune system shuts down and your digestion shuts down,” said Lyndall.

The relaxation response is the alternative and needs to be created intentionally.

“It’s about taking a breath and just reflecting and going, is this a shark or is it just a piece of seaweed?” said Lyndall.

So next time you’re cut off in traffic and start to fume.

Ask yourself: is this a shark or just a piece of seaweed?

Lyndall, Shannah and Deb then discuss The Daily Telegraph article written earlier in the year by comedian, actor and host Julia Morris. The article details that despite Julia’s success and accomplishments she felt angry and out of control in her life.

Deborah discusses how this “brave” article resonated with many readers because it was a vivid reflection of how many people are living under a “new normal” with no thought of “self-preservation”.

Learn some essential skills on how to deal with stress and anxiety in Chaos to Calm.

About Chaos to Calm. Take Control with Confidence

Feeling tired, stressed and out of control? Are you overwhelmed and suffering from low self-confidence? In Chaos to Calm, expert life coaches Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell offer you a simple step-by-step approach to taking charge and living a more fulfilling life. Packed with advice, tools and exercises that will show you how to switch off, reach your potential and achieve your goals, this book will enable you to thrive and live each day with confidence!

About Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy is a leading Australian business and life coach and is the author of bestseller Simplify, Structure, Succeed and The Life Plan, Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life. An Advanced Certified Coach and NLP practitioner, Shannah works individually and in groups with a diverse range of executives, entrepreneurs and sporting leaders.

About Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall Mitchell is an award-winning entrepreneur and Australia’s go-to wellness expert. She is the founder and CEO of Aurora Spas and Aurora Spa Rituals and brings to her coaching a powerful combination of hands-on business experience and more than two decades working one-on-one and in groups with busy, successful people who are feeling overworked, overwhelmed and overscheduled.

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