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Life coach

Life coach, Lyndall Mitchell

Founder of Aurora Spas and Aurora Spa Rituals, Lyndall Mitchell balances the roles of life and wellness coach, successful business owner, and mother of two.

Lyndall opened Aurora Spa Retreat in Melbourne in 1997 with the vision to create an urban retreat that focused on helping clients achieve optimal wellness, where clients can be transported to a place of tranquillity.

Over the course of 15 years Lyndall has evolved Aurora Spa’s into the internationally recognised brand that it is today. Aurora Spas are now in two locations – The Prince Hotel, Melbourne and The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast, along with the Aurora Spa Rituals product range that Lyndall has developed over the life of Aurora.

The spa strength, botanically active products were created to inspire clients to take time out and encourage the ritual of self care whether that is in the spa or at home. “If the client feels good, I have done my job.” says Lyndall.

Fast Facts

  • Before opening Aurora in 1997, Lyndall travelled to Asia, Europe and the USA and researched sixty spas in six weeks.
  • When Aurora started Lyndall hand mixed products herself because she wanted blends that really worked and got maximum results – that was the beginning of Aurora Spa Rituals.
  • Has a belief that taking time for yourself to replenish and recharge is essential for optimal living
  • Knows that living aligned with your personal values is important for living a happy fulfilled life
  • Lyndall’s passion is helping clients achieve optimum health and wellness, spa and coaching is a great way to get on the path.
  • 20,000 clients a year visit Aurora to relax, unwind and recharge

Lyndall has an online Master Class of Wellness and several meditations available for purchase on the Balance Online Learning Site. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


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