Lisa Messenger- How self-belief is key to success


She is the publisher and editor in chief of The Collective magazine and creative director of The Messenger Group. She has released 12 books – the latest, Money & Mindfulness, caused her website to crash due to its popularity. It would be fair to say that Lisa Messenger is a force to be reckoned with.

Sharing her story as part of the #equalfuture ANZ campaign, Lisa says unwavering self-belief is a key to success.

Balance spoke to Lisa about the topic of fear and self-sabotage. She says they are the biggest things holding back women from achieving their goals. She also said that she’s humbled to be able to share her story – the highs and lows – with audiences at speaking events as a way of empowering fellow entrepreneurs to reach for the stars.

#1 Discovering who I am

Lisa Messenger life has been an amazing journey. She is unapologetically happy, but she once wasn’t like that… she describes herself as a broken soul. Many successful people worked hard and pushed past the struggles to build the person they are today.

Lisa explains that her calling, her purpose, her why is to help others. She knows what it was like to be at rock bottom and the effort it takes to regain purpose and strength to “make a really freaking amazing life”.

#2 Meeting Richard Branson on Necker Islander.

Lisa Messenger was lucky enough to invited Necker Islander by Sir Richard Branson. Necker Island is Sir Richards Branson’s private island, he invites 28 entrepreneurs every year. Lisa described the experience as “beyond extraordinary”.  After meeting Richard on Necker Islander Lisa asked him to write a testimonial for her book and she was amazed by his response.

#3 Happiness takes practice

Lisa talks about the happy place that she is in, it is fantastic but it takes practice. Lisa believes that so many people are looking for the magic pill, quick solution or guru to cling that will fix it all. However, all journeys are personal and different for everyone. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to dig deep and work out what your negative patterns are or what are you self-sabotaging. Lisa feels it is important not to stop learning and acquiring tools to learn how to successfully manage yourself and your life.

#4 Sharing her story

Lisa Messenger once afraid of public speaking now 2 to 5 speaking gigs in Australia and many more around the world. She mainly talks to women and finds that 3 common topics come up, these being fear, self-sabotage and lack of confidence. Lisa soon realised that she can talk openly about these topics because it is part of her past and it has given her strength. However, these 3 themes can be very debilitating for many women.

#5 What’s next

The Collective is going strength to strength, speaking ramping up and now writing another book, Lisa shares her vision is to help other people, be an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Lisa talks about her future…and about the problem with being attached to a certain outcome in a certain time frame.


Money & Mindfulness

In her best-selling book Daring & Disruptive and its sequel Life & Love, serial entrepreneur Lisa Messenger shared the business insights gathered in more than a decade of success across multiple industries, including how to identify your true purpose, pinpoint your passions and create the working life most only dream of. In her latest book, she tackles a topic with a stigma – money! What would you do if money was no object? How can anyone find profit in the impossible? And, when will the “gunnas” stop using a lack of money as an excuse for not stepping out of their personal comfort zones and pursuing their purpose?

Mixing advice from mentors, experts and famous role models, with lessons learned from her own entrepreneurial journey, Lisa reveals how she has built a global brand, and launched a magazine sold in more than 37 countries, without having to borrow a single cent from a bank. This is from a woman who, years before, would worry if she could make the rent.

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