Three leadership lessons from Australia’s iconic change makers


This week on Balance we’re featuring our recent interview with entrepreneur, author and speaker Sarah Liu. Sarah Liu is the founder and director of The Dream Collective and Little Girl Big Dream which are Australia’s leading networks connecting and developing young professional women.

Last year, Sarah published her second book “The World We See – Leadership Lessons from Australia’s Iconic Change Makers” which is a collection of short stories and inspirational advice from 33 CEOs and senior managers.

Sarah said the book was a consolidation of wisdom gathered during the Dream Collective operations.

“Our philosophy and all that we do is to empower and equip young professional women for career success. Over the years we’ve partnered up with different organisations and business leaders for either our mentoring program or networking events to share their leadership experiences and insights.

“I thought to myself, how can we consolidate all that wisdom into something that has longevity and that has a greater reach and we actually published the first release, called 500 Words of Wisdom a couple of years ago.

“That featured iconic female entrepreneurs and business leaders across Australia”

The response to 500 Words of Wisdom has been so powerful and encouraging that Sarah decided to keep the conversation going and engage male readers and role models.

The World We See has an unprecedented stellar line-up of contributors – from Australia’s Prime Minister to some of the nation’s most influential leaders across both private and public sectors.

Sarah said that the individuals in the book were not often seen together, had different backgrounds, expertise but the reoccurring theme from their advice was:

  1. Teach people how to treat you
  2. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept
  3. Be clear on how you want to be treated and then demand the respect you deserve

She said in the business world, we often talk about passion and purpose and, while that’s important, if you don’t treat people how you want to be treated and with respect, you won’t get very far.

Sarah said it’s particularly important for young women.

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About Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu is the founder of The Dream Collective and Little Girl Big Dream, Australia’s leading networks connecting and developing high calibre young professional women.

Sarah is an entrepreneur, brand strategist, author speaker and advocate for women in leadership. She was the Silver Winner of the International Stevie Awards for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year and an Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future nominee.

Sarah began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 and founded The Dream Collective, co-founded Gemini3 and authored two top-selling books.

The Dream Collective has helped to advance the career of 1200 emerging female leaders since its launch.

Born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, educated in Japan and now working in Australia, Sarah is a true global citizen.

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