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Have you discovered the power of kindness?

Kindness wasn’t exactly a pre-requisite for television and modelling or something that I put on my resume, but it might surprise you how far a small gesture, a listening ear and genuine care for others can take you.

And it’s not just in the film and TV industry. We often talk about the cutthroat politics of big corporates, the single-mindedness of entrepreneurs but the surprising reality is, without a spark of kindness and investing in the people around them, many of our tall poppies would have never have grown above the rest.

I’ve met, interviewed and worked with some phenomenal people and the ones I remember most, the people that are the most successful are those that show a little heart.

Which is why I am so proud to be supporting our Balance coach Katrina Cavanough in her new venture, Kindness on Purpose.

Her school’s program is about bringing kindness back into focus for young kids, teaching them empathy and how to have a heart in a world where we have the freedom to express every thought, experience and criticism online. Katrina has a mission to reach one million kids with her school’s Kindness on Purpose program, and I encourage you to get on board with this important cause.

There are too many sad stories about bullying in the playground and at work and in the last 12months, we have witnessed far too many tragic deaths. This must stop, and many of us are asking how. I believe Katrina has the answer. Instead of punishing our kids, she suggests that we should show them how to be kind and get them to think about what being a good person means and come up with three acts of kindness a week.

Katrina also encourages the kids to be mindful, to take time to sit with their feelings and understand that not every thought needs action or response.

To help with this, she’s developed a series of meditations just for kids, and I’m excited to say, they are available right now on your in-flight entertainment system.

These are essential tools – ones that a few grown-ups could use as well!

Kindness, giving back to people and the world around us is such a powerful thing.

Jono Fisher from the Wake-Up Project has some great wisdom around this. He said

“All the traditions of the world have always pointed to service, giving and compassion as being the very heart of life.” He believes that being mindful of others isn’t a luxury; it’s part of being a human and feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

My chat with Jono and Katrina are available as a podcast.

Jono Fisher changing the world with kindness

A simple message: it’s cool to be kind

Katrina Cavanough

Cyber bullying and the solution from Balance coach Katrina Cavanough

World Kindness Day

If I’ve peeked your interest then, I highly recommend you give these a listen. It could be your missing piece and the key to success.

Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton is the publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton. She is passionate about helping woman to define their own recipe for balance

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