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Professor Kerryn Phelps and 3 things for Ultimate Wellness


In 2013 Professor Kerryn Phelps wrote a women’s health bible called Ultimate Wellness. In this video, Kerryn talks about why she wrote the book, how to live a healthy lifestyle and why we often take for granted our health.

Kerryn talks about her own health scare and said, unfortunately, despite living a healthy lifestyle it still took a crisis for her to really stop and take care of herself again.

“I was subconsciously letting a few things slip. So I got out of balance,” Kerryn said.

“I hope it doesn’t take a life crisis for people to change a few things but quite often it does.

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In this next video Prof Phelps explains why she wrote the book.


How to deal with a health crisis

How relationships are affecting your health

Do you have unhealthy, toxic relationships in your life that are making you unhealthy? Professor Kerryn Phelps, talks about your Ultimate Wellness and the need to reassess your relationships and “mend it or end it” for the sake of your health.

Why you need to indulge your senses

In part five of our interview with Professor Kerryn Phelps we talk about indulging your senses.

Let’s expound – we talk about taste and sound, vision, touch, but we often forego our other senses, like the sense of gratitude, achievement, the sense of fun, adventure and friendship. For a balanced life, Professor Kerryn reminds us to indulge and setting time aside for these senses.

So what is the three step plan for Ultimate Wellness?

  1. Audit
  2. Reboot
  3. Sustain

Watch the video to find out more


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