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How to keep cool this summer without breaking the bank


By Bessie Hassan

The weather is definitely starting to warm up, but just because the temperatures are rising, doesn’t mean you should reach for the remote control of your air conditioning unit just yet. Here are our top tips for keeping cool this summer that’ll help you ditch the aircon and won’t break the bank.

  • Use a fan instead

Fans can cool down a room a lot better than we give them credit for, especially if you use them strategically. Place your fan in front of an open window during the evening to suck the cool air in and push it out into your room. If you can, try and create a cross breeze by opening another window or door on the other side of the room. This will help you to really cool down.


  • The freezer is your new best friend

In summer, your freezer can do a lot more than just keep your food frozen. If you have the time, plan ahead and purchase an ice pack, pop it in the freezer and keep it handy for those sweaty nights when you just can’t sleep. If you’re faced with an unexpectedly hot night, wet a face washer and put it in the freezer for a few hours. You can then place it on the back of your neck for an instant cool down.


  • Take a cold shower

Jumping in a cold shower is a sure fire way to instantly cool down. This option will lower your body temperature and helps to reduce stickiness, so it’s perfect if you find yourself unable to sleep. If you don’t think you can handle a cold shower, at least finish with one cold burst of water and try to get your hair wet. That way you’ll stay cooler for longer.


  • Close the curtains

If you really want to keep cool you should learn to strategically use your windows and curtains. Have you ever opened your curtains on a sunny day to be met with a blast of warm air? Well that’s because your windows don’t actually block out the sun’s UVA rays. During the day, make sure to keep your blinds and curtains closed to keep the sunlight out. As soon as the sun sets and the temperatures start to drop, open up your house to let the cooler air in. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a southerly wind, which will cool your house right down.


  • Take advantage of cinemas and shopping centres

It’s coming up to the school holidays and although it can be tempting to spend all of your time at the park or the beach lapping up the sun, sometimes your skin needs a little bit of a break. Why not head indoors to escape the sun and the heat and take shelter in the air-conditioned confines of a shopping centre or a cinema? Refreshing!

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