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If we can’t find JOY in the lifestyle path we are on now, with what we’re working towards, we can’t expect those people we put on hold now as less important to want to enJOY our success with us once we get there.

Without emotional habits that we engage in regularly to re-ignite our heart with pure JOY, we may not be able to disengage our head from work and problem solving thoughts. We become stressed and although physically present our hearts JOY is muted if we can’t turn our head off off from work or life problems.

Emotional habits that create the most JOY have no cost for they add to our lives not take from it.

JOY is also a byproduct of the present moment. When we pause from striving, reminiscing or focusing on others and actually pay attention to our here and now with a grateful heart, JOY rises up, like popcorn!

The habit of “comparison” is the thief of our JOY. Comparing the past or future, or what others have or do, is like turning the heat off from under our own hearts popcorn pan.

And how JOYFULLY yummy is a fist full of hot buttered popcorn straight into the mouth by the way??

So why not deliberately surrender some of our seriousness and allow our JOY pop up in our hearts today? It’s only when we take time to relax we can release a genuine heartfelt smile. We all deserve time to rest for if we don’t or won’t our heart will becomes restless. We could even allow ourselves the luxury to indulge in some playful silliness and hopefully ignite the glorious giggles?

Let’s remember the importance of taking time to heat up with gratitude some seeds of JOY as a lifestyle habit?  It not only connects us to what our heart loves it also makes us emotionally available for those who love us!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award (Qld. Local Hero Category 2005), The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.