Stephanie Darling gets “full on fabulous” with Jane Fonda and Dame Edna


With 30 years in the beauty business, journalist Stephanie Darling has had a “fantasy” life travelling the globe and interviewing some of the world’s most iconic stars. In this interview, Stephanie talks to Deborah about her experiences talking to Jane Fonda and Dame Edna Everage and the lessons she learnt from these modern day beauties.

Interviewing Jane Fonda

“We were in Paris with Loreal in the Ritz. It’s such a fantasy,” said Stephanie.

“She was so incredible. At the time she was 74 and she had on these thigh high tooled boots and this amazing red sequin jacket,” said Stephanie.

“Such a beautiful, beautiful woman. She was talking about having sex with her much younger lover, it was full on fabulous,” she said.

“She follows all those rules. She’s had a little bit of plastic surgery under her eyes and chin and she wears all that pretty highlighted blonde tips in her hair,” said Stephanie.

Entertainment royalty Dame Edna Everage

“She was hilarious. Best legs in the business,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie describes the interview in detail in her new book Secrets of a Beauty Queen but tells Deborah that Dame Edna had prepared for the interview by doing some background research.

“She had done all this research on my children, my dogs, some strange elements of my life,” said Stephanie.

In this final video with beauty expert, author and journalist, Stephanie Darling talks about being a “guinea pig” for her readers having tested over 178 beauty procedures and treatments.

“I’ve pretty much not doubled up unless there is something new like there were new lash extensions,” said Stephanie.

“Amazingly stuff keeps coming up,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie shares her knowledge about the best of the best in beauty and memoirs of her experiences over the last 30 years in her new book Secrets of a Beauty Queen.

About Stephanie Darling

Stephanie Darling is Beauty Director of Sunday Life and Daily Life, mother, YSL Tribute devotee and author of Secrets of a Beauty Queen. Stephanie has spent over 20 years working in magazines with the best of the best on Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar and madison and interviewed Anne Hathaway
in Paris, Dame Edna in New York and Aerin Lauder in Tokyo. She states she was born in a haze of Chanel No 22 and is obsessed with beauty, lifestyle, words and visuals.


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