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This article originally appeared in Virgin Voyeur Magazine.

Do you ever feel exhausted by the pace of change in the workforce? I know I do…and I run my own business!

Now more than ever there’s pressure on all of us to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. If we don’t get our heads around the latest technology – or keep our training up to date – there’s a good chance that someone is looking over your shoulder.
This doesn’t just apply to employees but also business owners. Chances are, if you don’t recognize and embrace the latest trends across different platforms, your company is unlikely to succeed. So what’s the key to staying relevant in the workplace and it possible to bulletproof your career?

I’ve spoken to a lot of highly successful business people over the past few years as part of my online community Balance By Deborah Hutton (BBDH) and one of the interviews on this topic that stood out was with entrepreneur Lisa Messenger who talks about ‘failing fast’ in business. She believes that we need to constantly push ourselves forward, even if that means stumbling several times along our career path. She admits to many business bloopers over the years and says she’s likely to continue to make mistakes. But each ‘failure’ is a lesson learnt which, in her books, is a positive outcome. As a woman who has created a profitable multimedia empire, she also preaches the importance of flexibility and says that there’s no way she could have achieved career greatness without having been able to change course, adapt and reevaluate.

Developing your skills is another key to staying relevant in the workforce. IT expert and one of our amazing coaches on BBDH Michelle Hamer is constantly reminding me of the need to stay across the latest technology and showing me new ways to work smarter. I have to admit I struggle with software updates that are supposed to make life easier  but I know that I’ll fall behind unless I commit to learning new things.

Some other ways to bulletproof your career:

  • Be visible in the workplace
  • Say ‘yes’ to change
  • Stay up-to-date with industry news
  • Attend training seminars and workshops to improve your skills
  • Keep networking outside of your workplace
  • Have contingency plans in place

If you want to see the work of a man who knows how to not only remain relevant – but stay ahead of the trends – then be sure to look up Eugene Tan. I fell in love with his photography several years ago. We share a passion for Bondi Beach. His work documents the sand, the sea, the sunshine, the laid-back lifestyle that I adore about the eastern beaches. His photos evoke a sense of calm, as well as awe.

I spoke to him about his online business Aquabumps, which began as a few emails of surf pics to mates and is now a highly profitable company. Eugene is completely across the latest developments in the online world. He knows how to use technology to his advantage. He’s willing to adapt to change, to be flexible, to reevaluate how he uses his skills to make a living. But here’s the thing – none of this is ‘work’ for him…because he’s doing what he loves. And I think that’s the real key to staying relevant. If you are in a job that doesn’t feed your soul – then anything you need to do to keep that job is going to feel like a drag.

If like Eugene, you choose a career path that follows your passion, you will eagerly embrace anything that keeps you on that path.

Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton is the publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton. She is passionate about helping woman to define their own recipe for balance

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