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Busy to Balanced Part 7

In this series of six articles on the BUSY to Balanced approach I’ve (hopefully!) helped you see that balance is possible in your life. That by focusing on the practical and tangible things around you each day, by taking charge of what you can and can’t control, and making changes where you know you need them, you can create – and live – a more balanced life.

But what now? How do you move forward with the BUSY to Balanced approach?

The first step is to actively make the decision to take control and tame the chaos in all areas of your life. If you externalise the challenges you face in your life, whether it’s a cluttered kitchen bench, a schedule so stuffed it’s bulging, or a monkey mind that keeps you awake at night, you will never be able to move forward and bring more balance into your life.

If you decide it’s time to step up to the plate, to make a change, to live a less chaotic and uncluttered life, to take this crazy bull by the horns and make some real change – then this is how you do it using the BUSY to Balanced approach.

In this series I’ve shared the new definition of BUSY with you – Balanced, Uncluttered, Sustainable and You – and the two traits that sit underneath each part. As a reminder, this is what this entire BUSY to Balanced approach looks like.

Using this approach there are two ways you can move forward.

The first way forward is to look at and focus on one of the broader concepts – Balanced, Uncluttered, Sustainable or You.

You may already be able to see that one of these areas is completely out of sync, lopsided, causing you grief. By focusing on this one area you could make a huge difference to the balance in your life, working toward making changes where you know you need them.

If you know, for example, that you need to focus on Y = You, to bring more me time and connection into your life, choose it and work on it until you feel like you’ve made progress. You’ll know you’ve made progress when this area seems to become easier, simpler, flows more smoothly.

The second way forward is to look at the traits that sit underneath each of these broader concepts – eight in total – and choose the one that you know in your heart is where you need to start.

Now, chances are, there may be more than one trait that you feel is out of sync for you. That’s OK! The idea is to observe, without judgement, which traits are triggers for you, so that you know where you need to start.

But before you get all excited, please heed this warning.

I know you may want to jump in and focus on all of the eight traits at once, but what I’d like to suggest to you is that you choose only one of the traits that’s really causing you grief, and work on it first.

Why? Because if you do more than one trait at once you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted and filled with guilt for not doing what you think is a good enough job – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid!

The beauty about the BUSY to Balanced approach is that it is fluid and moves with you. If you’re feeling disorganised, work on that trait; if me time is falling away, work on it; if you want more balance in your life, work on that broader concept.

The way you approach this process is unique to you, your life, your family, your dreams and what it is you truly desire in your life. Follow to your intuition – it knows what you need and will guide you forward to where you need to be.

On the wall in my office I have a manifesto. I created it quite a while ago to help me stay on track, to live my life in balance and as authentically as I knew how. This manifesto allows me to be kind to myself but at the same time it pushes me just a little so that I keep growing, keep learning, keep coming back to who I am and what’s important to me.

When I look at my manifesto it tells me,

“Each day I will walk, love, have fun, sing, connect,

meditate, dance, cuddle, eat well”.

This manifesto is not rocket science, but it is authentic to me. It reminds me of the things I love, the things which, if I do them each day, will help me live my BUSY to Balanced life in my best way, as authentically as I possibly can.

So, now it’s your turn. Your turn to live in balance, authentically and purposefully.

You can live a happy, exciting, fulfilling, balanced life by giving yourself permission to connect with what is truly in your heart, that you know by doing would give you all that you want and deserve in your life.

You just have to make the choice. It’s yours for the taking – come and grab it with both hands.

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You can buy Helen's book via Amazon or iTunes

You can buy Helen’s book via Amazon or iTunes

To order a copy of Helen Joy Butler’s book follow the links below.

Helen Joy Butler

Helen Joy Butler is an Intuitive Professional Organiser, Elemental Space Clearer® and author of “Paperwork Is Not Your Problem: A Busy Mum’s Guide To Moving From BUSY to Balanced”. Helen is also the creator of the Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary approach and Manifesto. You can connect with Helen through her website, facebook or instagram.


  1. Yvonne

    October 14, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Helen, thanks for sharing these articles on moving from busy to balanced – filled with lots of great advice.

    • Helen Joy Butler

      Helen Joy Butler

      October 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      Thank you so much Yvonne! I’m really glad you enjoyed the articles.

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