How to drop 5 dress sizes and 46kg with lazy exercise


Rita Haitas was always a big girl.

With an office job, a mildly under-active thyroid, an aversion to exercise and a fondness for her mum’s European cuisine, it didn’t look like things were going to change.

Rita had given herself “every excuse under the sun” not to lose weight.

She was a high-flying human resources professional and business leader with some of Australia’s largest blue chip companies, including Qantas, Australia Post, Bank of Sydney and Sydney Future’s Exchange and had just launched her own coaching business.

Being in a big corporate career she had always found a way to be “comfortable” in her own skin and she was great at it, so really she didn’t need to lose weight, right?  But by the time she hit 44 years old she was slowing down and her health was starting to suffer.

In this next segment Rita talks about that critical moment when she knew she had to change.

So Rita knuckled down and put in the hard yards. She found a reputable dietician, set some serious weight loss goals, followed the meal plan religiously and stayed way from social functions. She lost 20kg and then… plateaued.

Sound familiar?

As most of us know, shifting weight when you plateau is hard work and it usually involves some hard exercise too. The key ingredient Rita was missing was exercise.

Rita said after her first visit to a HYPOXI studio, she was hooked!

“It was so easy to do the sessions. And best of all the weight began to shift, the cms started to melt away. After nearly 3 months and 32 sessions and following all the recommendations from my dietician, I lost an additional 15kg and over 40cm*.”

When Rita went in search of a “lazy exercise” regime and discovered HYPOXI, her life changed in more ways than one.

Fast forward to today and she is 5 dress sizes smaller and 50kg lighter.

But Rita’s story does not end here.  Rita loved HYPOXI so much that late 2014, she made the decision to open her own HYPOXI studio.

Stay tuned for the next video of our interview with Rita to find out what happened next.


*Results for HYPOXI vary from person to person. Click here to find out more about HYPOXI

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