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Make Your Mark and live your biggest life


What is my purpose in life?
Where do I want to be in 10 years?
How can I be my best self?
What’s stopping me from getting there?

These are some powerful questions for a Monday…..but have you ever really thought about the answers or are you living “by default” rather than “by design”?

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, reach for a pen instead of that glass of wine (or maybe do both!) and check out this week’s series with Margie Warrell, Balance coach, best-selling author, speaker, master coach and women’s advocate.

Margie spends time with Deborah to discuss her new book Make Your Mark and provides guidance and inspiration on how to start answering some of these monster questions in order to be brave and live your biggest life.

Make Your Mark is the roadmap to the rest of your life. In 7 straightforward steps, packed with practical advice, proven tools and powerful questions, you’ll gain the clarity, confidence and courage you need to enjoy soul-level success – in your work, relationships and life.

The inspiration for Margie’s new book came from spending time with clients at her Live Brave Women’s Weekends.

“(At these weekends) I take them through a whole process to get clarity about where are you, where do you want to go, and what do you need to get there and what’s getting in the way?” said Margie.

“Sometimes people say, but where do I start and so often the answers that we have are inside us, but we don’t stop still long enough in the busyness of our lives to really get clear about what is it I really want,” said Margie.

“It’s a guidebook and I guess my goal is to help people just really reset their compass, what’s the biggest life you want to live, what does it look like and what do you need to do to move in that direction,” said Margie.

Check in and be brave this week with Margie and Deborah and find out how to Make Your Mark and live your biggest life.

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About Margie Warrell

Balance coach Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, speaker, commentator, master coach and women’s advocate and leadership advisor.

Find Your Courage. Stop Playing Safe. Brave. The titles of Margie’s bestselling books reflect her passion for helping people make braver decisions and lead more purposeful lives. Her new book is Make Your Mark – A guidebook for the brave hearted.

Margie draws on both her personal experiences and professional background in Fortune 500 business, psychology and coaching to equip people with the mindset, strategies and skills to rethink risk, find opportunity in adversity and overcome the inner-roadblocks to enjoy greater success in their work and life.

Host of RawCourage TV and a certified master coach, Margie’s insights have also been shaped by her work and interviews with respected leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Kathy Calvin, Bill Marriott, and Marianne Williamson. A passionate advocate for gender equality, Margie founded Global Courage in 2010 to empower women to be braver leaders across all sectors of society. She’s since been appointed by the Australian government as the first Ambassador for Women in Global Business and is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree. She’s also an Ambassador for Beyond Blue committed to removing the stigma around mental illness.

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