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How to grow your business


So you’ve put in the hard work to create and launch your business but how do you grow your business?

Balance by Deborah Hutton in partnership with Jack Delosa has launched a new online course designed to help mature age entrepreneurs negotiate today’s market to launch, build and scale a business.

Jack Delosa is one of Australia’s most successful young business people and founder of “The Entourage” – Australia’s largest educator and community of entrepreneurs.

In this video, we review Module 3 of the Passion to Purpose course which delves into the structure of a business and how to future-proof your investment including;

Creating systems & the engine

“Typically people don’t go into business because they want to do the book-keeping,” Jack said.

“However, if I want other people to do jobs that I don’t want to do – I need to develop a system that instructs them and gives them the direction they need to do that really well.”

“In the first two sessions of Module 3, I  give you the systems for writing systems -it’s really building the bricks in the wall that form the foundations for how the operations of a business can be carried out.”

Recruiting & future planning

Once you have established which roles in the business you need to outsource, the next step is to recruit and create partnerships with the right people.

“It’s about resonance, does this person as a human being genuinely resonate with the vision and mission of the organisation.”

The next part of growing the business is to have a future plan. In the final session of the course, Jack talks about how you plan for the future.

Learn how to grow your business today…

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