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After more than 10 years as the editor of Vogue Living Australia – you could say that Robyn Holt knows a few things about style. Her home is full of stunning black and white photos – many taken by her husband when they lived in Russia during Robyn’s magazine days. She says there are a lot of things placed in different corners of her home that remind her of her time in Europe, including two candles from a Russian orthodox church which now hang in her bathroom.

She admits that her home decorating style has changed over the years – from traditionalist to now more eclectic. Rather than using bright colours on the walls or floors, Robyn prefers to stick with a neutral palette – adding vibrancy with different accessories that she moves around. She’s also a big fan of fresh flowers in the home.

“Interiors are about how you want to welcome someone into your home. You are basically inviting someone to come in, sit down, and soak up your life story,” Robyn said.

About Robyn Holt

Robyn Holt started her career in finance but has become a well-known identify in the media, fashion and publishing industry, and was formerly CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Conde Nast and Monocole.

As CEO of Conde Nast both in Australia and Russia she launched new titles like Architectural Digest, GQ and Glamour magazine as well one offs like Conde Nast Traveller.   She opened the first international out of core business – Vogue Café and GQ Bar.

During her time in the UK she started Tyler Brule’s Global media brand Monocle. ( and over the last 4 years Robyn has consulted to major institutions, corporations and start ups. She is on the board of University of New South Wales Fine Arts Collage and was the past Governor of Taronga and Western Plains Zoos and Trustee of Australian Museum.  She also is currently a councillor for Australian National Maritime Museum.

Married with a daughter she is also an author of a children’s book.

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