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Miele – Helping you find ‘balance’ by taking the effort out of housework


At BBDH we are all about creating more time to do the things we LOVE and spending less time on the things that drain our energy. It just so happens that one of our long-time supporters is a brand that is about making life easier… helping us find ‘balance’ in our homes.

Without the backing of Miele, BBDH would not exist. We are not only grateful for their support of Balance – but also grateful that they make appliances that we genuinely love.

“We’ve run a number of Miele giveaways through the Balance site and they have been extremely popular. It’s clear that women adore their appliances. For me, it’s a brand I truly trust,” Deborah said.

Miele in Australia

Making glasses sparkle


Balance Team

This article was written by the brains trust of Balance . We are a talented team of writers and contributors with real life experience and a passion for finding balance.

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