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Holidays, travel and inspiration


Holidays and travel are important to Tara Dennis, she sees them as something you have to work towards, focus on and look forward to. Every year Tara is amazed at how it gets to New Year’s Eve and she finds herself reflecting on how the year passed by so quickly. She believes in the importance of celebrating milestones and setting priorities for time away.

In this interview, Tara and Deborah talk about how travel helps you to feel inspired again. For example, as a benchmark Tara aims to be in Paris every September for a big design trade show both to enjoy the city and feel excited again.

Both talk about how a change of environment can ‘feed’ you – particularly important for Tara because everything she sees on her travels is an inspiration for something. All that said, one of the joys of time away for Tara is coming home as it gives her the chance to reflect and be reminded of how lucky she is to live in this beautiful country.


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