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When is your next holiday? How time out can help you find your balance

This article originally appeared in Virgin Voyeur Magazine.

I’m one of those people that likes to have a holiday booked, or at least in pre-planning stage as the one I’m on comes to a sad close. I like to look towards the future, knowing there is a glorious light at the end of a long tunnel. I’m a total sucker for time-out.

The question I’d ask you is ‘Do you live to work or work to live?’. As you sit here at the beginning of a fresh new year, do me a favour and take a minute to think that one through carefully… Is this the year you might make some changes towards finding better life balance?

I’m obviously the ‘work to live’ kind of girl, saving my pennies so I can splurge on holidays that evolve around warm sunshine, cool water, more than one Aperol Spritz and the odd game of golf. Having enjoyed a change of scene I come back refreshed, inspired and ready to take on anything.

Some would argue that they love their work so much they don’t need to escape from the grind and are happy settling for the odd long weekend and the lazy days between Chrissie and New Year. If work and pleasure are seamless, wrapped in one contented package, then more power to you.

Others in small business tend to have their back against the wall, working around the clock, constantly reminded that their To-Do list will never be done. The question of a few weeks away from their inbox comes at a cost they can rarely afford. But I ask, can they afford not to…? What happens to you when your world becomes so confined? What about your health, your relationships…? What does the bigger picture look like?

There is something magic about travelling abroad, you are literally bombarded with foreign sights, tastes and experiences. All of which helps clear the cobwebs in your head and puts a little perspective back in our lives.

This time last year I was in full ‘Cruise Director’ mode hosting the inaugural ‘Deb Hutton- Balance’ river cruise through some of France’s most exquisite countryside. As we sailed downstream through famous wine regions, discovering ancient towns and generally having some serious fun and making the most of every moment…I’m thinking to myself, I can’t call this work! We had an absolute ball. When it wrapped and we went our different ways I realised that I could finally take my foot off the pedal. I was a spent force.

I needed a few days to catch my breath before starting work, so I’d pre-arranged a mini break to one of my favourite Aussie destinations – Noosa. Just arriving on the Sunshine Coast and stepping off that plane winds me back a couple of notches. For me it’s returning to my roots and it hits me every time. As we opened the door to our room on the beach for a few days, looking out through the palm trees, taking in the gorgeous sunset and falling asleep listening to the waves lapping on the sand…I pinched myself, so grateful that we have this on our own shores.

If you’re fortunate enough to book yourself an overseas holiday this year, or schedule breaks closer to home, no matter where your heart takes you, how simple or extravagant, be sure to cross out some time to appreciate the people in your life and the days that are a gift to us.

Need help prioritising your next holiday or simplifying your life to make time? Check out this great coaching program by life coach and nuro-linguistics expert Shannah Kennedy.

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Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton is the publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton. She is passionate about helping woman to define their own recipe for balance

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