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Help complete the puzzle of women’s health


Jean Hailes’ annual women’s health survey is now open. The survey seeks to understand what information women in Australia like, trust, and need in relation to their health.

By giving 10 minutes of your time, you will help to bridge the gaps in current knowledge when it comes to women’s health and create a healthier future for all women.

Participants could also win one of eight signature Confetti Collection tote bags (T&Cs apply).

For women aged 18 years and older, complete the survey now at:

Jean Hailes is Australia’s leading women’s health organisation and is dedicated to improving knowledge of women’s health and providing world-class health services. The Jean Hailes website provides evidence-based and expert-reviewed information on women’s health for all women, as well as health professionals and workplaces. To access these resources, visit

Click Here to view last year’s results

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