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Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

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Can you smell the festive pine scent of mistletoe in the air?  Christmas festivities are not far away and when it comes to stocking fillers, and gift giving, now is the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas about the best present for your friends, family and loved ones.

While it’s important to enjoy the festive season (so yes, that may mean eating an extra slice of Christmas cake and pudding!) there are lots of fun and quirky presents to fit the bill for people who are excited by a health and wellbeing lifestyle.

If you’re looking to give the gift of health this season, to get the ‘baubles’ rolling, here’s a round-up of what I’ve had my eye on for gift giving this year. Whether it’s a new and exciting cookbook for your partner to roll up their sleeves in the kitchen with, a nifty kitchen appliance for quick and easy family meal making or a natural beauty product for a special person in your life – there’s something Supercharged for everyone this Christmas.


Grown & Gathered by Matt and Lentil Pubrick is dedicated to your future garden, full pantry, warm home, celebrations and happy everyday routines. The book begins with observing through the seasons and centres on traditional living made modern. It’s the perfect pick for anyone looking to learn more about gathering, foraging and preparing food, preserving, growing their own fruits and veggies, raising animals and trying out tasty and home spun wholefood recipes. For only $45, you can teach a man or woman to farm, cook and eat for their lifetime! As an experienced chai wallah, I gravitated straight to the Authentic Chai and it was heavenly. You can find out more how to grow and gather here.


The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates truly embodies the philosophy that beauty comes from within.  Oates delivers over 150 recipes that are specially created to transform your health and beauty from the inside, by balancing gut-bacteria and the outside, focusing on recipes for glowing and radiant skin. Now, who wouldn’t want to feel their best over the holidays and beyond? As it’s Christmas time, I headed straight towards the gingerbread men, full of digestion–boosting spices; ginger and cinnamon. $49.95.  Pick it up here.


Spice Health Heroes examines the healing power of spices and how to use them in everyday life! This amazing cookbook includes the history and traditions of spices and includes recipes for everyone’s palate which are contributed by internationally renowned chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi and Peter Gordon. What I love about the book is that it features a comforting and cleansing broth inspired by the wonderful Hippocrates, truly embracing his famous quote, “let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food,”  The Hippocrates Healing Broth features ingredients that go back to antiquity and it comes with helpful tips like; when you prepare the soup, chop the leeks, onions and garlic at least ten minutes before cooking them to stimulate their active ingredients. $49.95. Go here for more.


Eat Right for Your Shape by Lee Holmes I know I’m cheeky throwing one of my own in here but I absolutely love this book!  It’s the perfect prezzie for absolutely anyone: from a newbie in the kitchen to a wholefood Ayurvedic ninja warrior!  Eat Right for Your Shape is more than just a cookbook; it takes its readers on an Ayurvedic journey to good health and focuses on bringing balance back into everyday life. Featuring over 120 delicious and nourishing seasonal recipes with ingredients that correct your doshic imbalance, in order to create harmony, weight management and health put it under the tree this Christmas. $34.99. Discover the joys of Ayurvedic cooking here.


Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is packed with all the classic Chrissy recipes and exciting new meals that’ll wow your guests and fill them with Christmas cheer. Say hello to Roasted Carrot and Avo salad and a whole bunch of interesting and helpful chapters that include cooking for the Main Event, Meat, The Wonderful World of Potatoes, Vegetarian Mains and Scrumptious Veggie Sides, Cute Edible Gifts and Festive Puddings. The best part is, Jamie finally lets us in on the biggest Christmas secret of them all – what to do with all those Christmas Day leftovers.  Jamie you’ve got me, hook line and sinker! $38.50. Buy here.


The Complete Gut Health Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know About the Gut and How to Improve Yours by Pete Evans. There’s nothing we love more on this blog than gut health! In his latest book, award-winning chef Pete Evans, alongside naturopath and nutritionist, Helen Padarin, share information on gut-boosting ingredients, healing herbs and over 100 new recipes to cook your way to gut health! It’s a great book if you’re looking for tasty recipes and ferments to support ongoing gut health once you’ve healed your gut. My favourite recipe? I was bowled over by the Sesame crusted avocado bowl with chicken and sprouts it’s a good one for when your gut is ready to digest all that yummy goodness. $39.99.  Read more here.

Disobedient Gardens by Michael Cooke and Brigid Arnott
is your go-to present for aspiring gardeners who need some real and organic inspiration! Cooke and Arnott will make anyone look at greenery with different eyes, as they acknowledge that gardens evolve in the same way that relationships do; they take time to grow, have a personality of their own and are each uniquely beautiful. The pages are filled with enchanting garden designs that feature aged weathered finishes that only time and patience can achieve. Designs that make use of earthy up-cycled finds, punctuated across secret garden spaces.  $59.99.  Get gardening here.


Neil Perry’s Good Cooking is all about using the best quality produce to create simple, healthy and delicious meals. What’s cooking good looking? Did someone just say Spicy Barbecued Chicken Wings? Ok now I’m listening!  Perry gives an insight into what inspires his cooking, drawing from his favourite local and international cultures in both his renowned restaurants and his own family kitchen.  The book focuses on using seasonal produce and bringing the joy back into cooking with his special and unique “Neil Perrilicious” touch.  Produce takes the starring role in each recipe. $49.99. Be part of the magic here.



Supercharged Food, Earth Mask & Scrub is the best end-of-year present you could get a pal!  This beautiful mask and scrub combines the healing powers of minerals and pure clays from the iconic Australian outback town of Lightning Ridge, to beautify and soften skin, remove dirt and oils, improve age spots and keep the skin full of life.  It works as a facemask and exfoliating scrub, leaving skin cleansed, nourished and glowing; ready to start 2018 in supercharged style. $19.95.  Find out more about it here.


Butter London – Make Me Blush. Everyone’s favourite nail polish in delicate blush hues – these are limited edition, travel-size shades that are chip-resistant, quick-drying and give nails a high-gloss, gel-like cushion finish. Featuring Butter LONDON’s 8-Free formula, which includes Hydrolyzed Silk plus Vitamins B, C, and E to strengthen nails, Make Me Blush contains the following delightful shades of pink in a plush velvet, burgundy Keepsake Bag: $40.00.  Purchase your pack here.


Nude By Nature Delight Good For You Complexion Collection is a limited edition, trial-size selection of nourishing Nude By Nature products, wonderful gift for a gal pal, sister or favourite female.  Not only are the products Australian-based, organic, cruelty-free and vegan –  they’re great value for money.  The kit includes a mineral cover, liquid mineral concealer, airbrush primer, mineral veil and bronzer, highlight stick, compact mirror and a make-up brush in a cosmetic bag – they’ve truly thought of it all!  $49.95. Find it here.


Badger Sleep Balm is a fantastic gift for every adult or child who deserves a good night’s sleep (so, yep, I’m guessing that covers just about everyone!).  This completely natural balm combines calming essential oils to soothe your loved ones to sleep and can even be used as a beautiful scent to calm and relax.  For those of you who travel a lot and want to combat jet lag or catch some sleep whilst on the plane this works wonders.  The perfect little stocking filler or dangle it from the Christmas tree as a decorative ornament. $14.95.  Stock up here.


Life Basics 100% Peace Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ensures Rapunzelesque tangle-free hair and a youthful complexion!  The silky pillowcase is breathable and hypoallergenic, allowing a better night’s sleep and ensuring everyone who uses it wakes up feeling refreshed and revitalised.  The smooth, tight weave of natural silk fabric helps to keep the skin retaining moisture as you sleep.  Think of this as the perfect ME present for the person who never spoils themselves. $75.95.  Indulge yourself here.


Luk Lip Nourish.  Ruby Grapefruit, Peach Melon, Tangerine Pomegranate… No I’m not describing the latest gourmet mocktails…I’m listing the new 100% natural sheer lipsticks from Luk Beautifood. This Australian boutique beauty brand is based on the premise that beauty is created from the inside with fresh, healthy food. Brimming with delicious, nourishing ingredients we should be eating, the Lip Nourish range supports your body’s natural processes to deliver stunning results. The all-natural, edible Lip Nourish range is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The menu comes in ten delicious sounding and tasting flavours incorporating organic cold pressed citrus and spice oils. Without additives and nasties, now there is even more reason to go naked this silly season. Visit the store here.




Mukti Miron Glass Energised Water Bottle – Palm Luxe  is crafted from Miron, also known as Biophotonic, Glass, this stylish, BPA-free, glass water bottle allows in Biophotonic or Violet light to energise your water. Environmentally friendlier than chemical-laden plastic water bottles, this slim, traditional bottle design features a simple Palm Leaf print reminiscent of an island holiday. Holding one litre of water, this jumbo-sized glass bottle ensures that you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.  $31.20. Drink it up here.


Phillips “Grain Master” Rice Cooker is an automatic rice-cooker with built in settings to ensure quinoa, porridge, lentils and of course, rice, can be cooked to perfection!  This easy-to-use whizz machine keeps food warm for 12 hours following cooking and is super easy to clean – mum’s and dad’s and home cooks everywhere will be rejoicing at the ease and simplicity of use! Put this on the Christmas shopping list for parents or busy cooks and make their life in the kitchen a lot easier. $159.00. Read more here.


The Loqi Reusable Shopping VINCENT VAN GOGH Vase with Sunflowers this eco-friendly Loqi Reusable Shopping Bag, with its Vase with Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh design, has been manufactured without the use of harmful substances, is colour-fast and even has a skin-friendly pH value. Made of Polyester, it’s water resistant and can carry up to 20kg. Save on supermarket plastic shopping bags and reuse this. $17.95. Get shopping here.


Dr Bronner’s Rainbow Sampler Pack is a beautifully packaged range of Liquid Soap that has over eighteen uses in, on and around the home.  This sampler pack is a great introduction to the range of amazing products, with six cruelty-free, certified fair trade and vegan bottles. $29.95.  Go here to include these in the Santa stocking for the eco friendly friend or relative.



Water Co. Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe filters up to 99% of chlorine, maximising youthful skin conditions!  The filter uses Vitamin C and natural sea collagen, to ensure beautiful and firm skin.  The good news for environmentalists is that the filter uses approximately eight litres per minute, which is a whopping one litre less than most water saving filters; saving the environment and your skin, what could be better? $159.  Clean up here.


Fressko Glass Tea Flask is made of double-walled glass to ensure that both hot and cold drinks remain the right temperature for hours on end.  The bottle has an infusion so makes the perfect carrier for chilled fruity iced tea whilst enjoying endless summer days on the beach or to warm up at night with a hot toddy that you can carry around town or take with you on your holiday travels! $49.95.  Get your toddy on here.


Paderno Spiralizer 4-Blade transforms vegetables into noodles, spirals and more!  Its super nifty compact design is perfect for making your favourite ‘zoodles’ ‘coodles’ and ‘swoodles’ (that’s sweet potato noodles for the uninitiated) and salads that look and taste no less than supremely supercharged. At $40.00 you can have endless fun with this machine and make anything from stir fries to salads and beyond. Pick it up here.



Supercharged Food for Kids by Lee Holmes.  Me again!  This book will convert even the pickiest eater into one who loves eating delicious recipes that are fully road tested and asked to appear frequently on the weekly menu.

The book encompasses all the best tips, tricks and shopping guides to get the kids to enjoy their favourite pizza and ice cream spiders but with a couple of ingredients swapped out to make them supercharged. Oh, and did we mention the healthy chicken nuggets recipe?! Yes, please! $24.99. Pick it up over here.


Natural Instinct Sunscreen for Kids is your best bet for protecting the kids’ precious skin from sun damage over our blistering Aussie summer.  The sunscreen is specially designed for young skin with moisturising ingredients and best of all, leaves a white layer on the skin to see where the sunscreen has been applied so that you never miss a spot again! Genius.  Stuff this into the kids’ stocking this Christmas. $19.95. Buy here.


So there you have it my healthy Christmas gift guide. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and good luck with choosing the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Look out for my Christmas day recipes on the blog too.

By the way, if all the Christmas food and activity has left you or your children tired and lacking in energy, then why not supplement your diet with a healthy boost for the New Year?

Love Your Gut Powder is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, gluten-free, vegan, and GMO-free magic carpet ride to wellness.

This natural gut health mineral rich food product makes a remarkable difference in digestion, nutrient absorption and waste removal. Think of it as the perfect present for anyone needing a simple way to kick-start their health coming into the new year! $18.  Pick up your packet here.


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Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way to Health, Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful and Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian.

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