How to be your own gut health detective


We hear a lot about gut health and how important it is to overall wellbeing.

But how do we gain a better understanding of gut-related conditions and their impact on our lives?

Can we improve our own gut health?

How to be your own gut health detective

Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, Dr Claudia Lee and Jaime Rose Chambers have combined their knowledge and experience of gut health to write the “meticulously researched and highly practical book” The Mystery Gut.

“(Working within our integrated clinic) what we were finding is that when we were helping people heal so many aspects of their body, when we were starting with the gut we were having amazing results,” said co-author Dr Claudia Lee.

Deb describes the book as a “tomb of information” giving the reader the option to take a quick snapshot of various gut conditions such as reflux and their fixes or to dive deeper into the research behind this new health revolution.

Dr Claudia Lee says the goal of the book is to provide an understanding of gut health conditions and empower people to be “the detective of their own health”. Dr Lee believes the first step is to start noticing your body and how certain foods can impact.

“(The gut is) the engine or the ground control to the central nervous system and everything is directed out from there; mood, energy, joints, inflammation,” said Dr Lee. “So getting that ground control right is really, really important.”

She believes that many health professionals are now looking at the gut as an area of inquiry for various conditions and have access to further research and tests in order help patients work towards better overall health.

As practitioners, Prof Phelps and Dr Lee know the problems caused by poor gut health and how an uneasy gut can make life miserable. Symptoms such as weight gain, diarrhoea and cramping are common, but few people receive a definitive disease label. Most of us are entirely unaware that by taking care of our gut we can improve our overall health.

In this meticulously researched and highly practical book, the doctors explain how we are on the threshold of a major revolution in the way we think about the gut and its relevance to our health. They explain common medical problems – from IBS to various food intolerances – and show you what’s going on and what to do about it.

Featuring a comprehensive guide on the mysteries of microbiota, a plethora practices and treatments to restore your energy, and 30 recipes to revitalise and heal your gut – produced with nutritionist and clinical dietitian Jaime Chambers – this is an essential guide to fixing your gut and improving your wellbeing.

The Mystery Gut by Professor Kerryn Phelps AM with Dr Claudia Lee & Jaime Rose Chambers is available now.

About Dr Claudia Lee

DR CLAUDIA LEE is a General Practitioner of 15 years who graduated of from the University of Sydney. She has extensive training in women & children’s health, critical care & travel medicine. She currently practises in Sydney and is a regular contributor to Women’s Fitness Magazine.

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