Goal setting

Goal setting for the New Year


As we welcome in the New Year, no doubt many of you will be making plans and setting goals.

On average, half of us set a goal but only 12%  achieved it (Balance national survey results). Perhaps it’s because the goal wasn’t realistic or maybe it was because “life” got in the way?

Either way, this year you have the wisdom and guidance of five-time Olympian and Balance coach Natalie Cook to help you set and achieve you goal, plus the collective knowledge of our balance coaches to help you decide on what your own recipe for balance should be this year.

If you are having trouble deciding what balance should look like for you, find some inspiration from our coaches who told us their secret recipes. Click on the names below to view the video on Youtube.

Olivia Newton John                  Jane Flemming

Kerryn Phelps                           Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Natalie Cook                               Sarah Maxwell

Angela Hryniuk                         Helen McCabe

Megan Morton                           Kirstie Clements

Emily Macgregor                        Ita Buttrose

Julie Trenbath                            Lyndall Mitchell


Balance Team

This article was written by the brains trust of Balance . We are a talented team of writers and contributors with real life experience and a passion for finding balance.

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  1. Louise

    January 9, 2013 at 11:50 am

    I have just registered with Balance via the Good Health magazine and am really excited about the great information, access to competent and inspiring role models and the excellent tools! I have tried to find my dashboard as directed however I can’t view the ‘open dashboard’ button on the web page! Please fix, I cant wait to get started….thanks Louise

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