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Get past the Sunday night dread (and that Monday slump)


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I’m going to force myself to do it. I should. I really don’t want to, but I have too. People are counting on me, so I better show up. I said I would, so I will.

But I really, really, really don’t want to.

Have you said any of these things to yourself recently?

As you think about work this week, preparing yourself for what’s coming up, gearing yourself up perhaps, consider these questions:

What are you looking forward to this week?

What are you dreading?

What are you going to have to force yourself to do?

What will you grit your teeth and ‘get through’?

Where will you show up authentically?

Where will you thrive?

Where will you find your flow?

What can’t you wait to get stuck into?

How will you feel on Friday with what you have accomplished this week?

Good questions right? I think so. As I was finishing up my yoga practice this morning, thinking about what was on my calendar for the week, I had a flashback. It was from a certain period in my old career life. I used to call it The Sunday Night Dread. Churning stomach. Anxiety that starts to creep in from about mid Sunday afternoon. Worry about what will hit you during the week. Nervousness over your already overflowing to do list. A guaranteed sleepless night. And then the Monday morning hell. Rushing around, stressed out mess, armouring up in the constricting suit jacket, pantyhose, and those bloody high heels. Oh, and the super fun office commute. I dreaded it. All of it.

It was like that for a long time, until I got the tools to change it. But boy it was hard. I recall so vividly putting my son in the car one morning to do the school drop off after a particularly harrowing morning, and muttering to myself under my breath ‘there is no **** way I am doing this for the rest of my **** life.’ Yes, there were some colourful words added in for emphasis.

It took some dreaming and some planning, but I eventually changed that life – both while I was in corporate and then when I left it. It is possible to get more on purpose and find more joy and ease in your days, even if you’re not quite where you want to be right now, or doing what you are dreaming of.

It starts with mindfulness and intention.

This week I invite you to really think about where the push is, and where the flow is. Where the grace and ease is, and where the drive and strive is. And I invite you to really think and reflect on the shoulds, and what you have to force yourself to do.

Because right there, buried deep down under those shoulds and have to’s, is your happiness. And right there on the surface, those things you are forcing yourself to do, are the things that are stopping you from having the career you really want, being on purpose, standing in your power, and yes, living your best life.

Will you choose something different for yourself? Will you ask yourself the questions that need to be asked? Will you choose joy and flow instead of should and force? It might take some work, and it will definitely take getting intentional about your week, but it’s your choice. And I know you can get there.

Megan Dalla Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina is the best selling author of Getting Real About Having It All: Be your best, love your career and bring back your sparkle (Hay House). A former corporate executive, she is a business, creative and leadership strategist, and a coach, writer and speaker on women, leadership and wellbeing. Well known for her capacity to inspire and empower, while keeping it real, Megan helps people and businesses get to their essence with creativity and courage.

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