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Four Seasons of the Heart – a transformative book by Cynthia Morton


Cynthia MortonOne in four adults throughout the world will experience mental health difficulties at some stage in their lives. Too many of them receive little or no support.

Which is why, when we first met best selling author and creator of the Emotional Fitness program,  Cynthia Morton we immediately asked her to become a Balance coach.  Cynthia provides you with her Daily Word Vitamins and has been a special guest presenter at our events.

Often referred to as the Hope Masseuse, Cynthia aged 54 is a mother of two sons and has been the wife of three brave men (readers will get to know the lucky last husband #3, Mr Delicious in her new books). She has been working in the field of Emotional Fitness since the early 90’s. Her work has been recognized nationally with Pride of Australia Medal (2007), Prime Ministers Award of Excellence (2006), Australian of the Year Award (Local hero category QLD 2005) and an Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity from the Australian Medical Association of Queensland (2004).

Not surprisingly Cynthia’s matters of the heart and head are some of the most read articles on our site.

Cynthia has personally struggled with inaccurate mental health labels throughout her own lifetime as a recovering alcoholic/addict and survivor of domestic violence and childhood abuse.

In 2016, Cynthia  released a new quartet of books, The Four Seasons of the Heart which show you how to build and sustain Emotional Fitness with just one little word, one day at a time.

About The Four Seasons of the Heart

Cynthia’s quartet of books is designed to comfortably reside as a complete calendar year resource in a sleeve and can be purchased as a complete set or as individual books.

Each book, Anger, Change, Sadness and Growth offers advice and inspiration for how to weather each of life’s unrelenting emotional seasons. There are approximately 90 topics per book, therefore 365 days of help.

angerwithwordsAnger is the title of the first volume of the quartet of books and is married to the season of Summer. Our Anger is our fire. It can burn our dreams or cook up an emotional feast. It just depends on how we use it.This book explores grief, loss and the art of creating robust and healthy boundaries.


saddneswithwordsSadness is the title of the second book which is married to the season of Winter. Our Sadness and our tears cleanse, heal and refresh our weary hearts. If we allow it to, that is.

This title offers gentle comfort, compassion and a touch of lighthearted humour to help thaw and reconnect even the frostiest hearts.

changewithwordsChange is sometimes subtle, sometimes confronting but an unavoidable part of all of our lives that is explored in the third book. “Change” is married to the season of Autumn. Without change we cannot make new ground nor any sustainable enjoyment or progress in our lives.

This title helps validate and work through the necessary emotional discomfort and fears that predictably accompany change.


Growth is the title of the fourth and final book in the series and marries with the delightful season of Spring. Love is in the air in springtime. When all of our emotional hard work blossoms and abundance invites us to relax and enjoy, too many of us self sabotage or just keep working.

This book offers support to those who find relaxing stressful and helps you master the art of self-care.

Cynthia’s books “Emotional Fitness”, “A Helping Hand with Life”, and “The Four Seasons of the Heart ” are currently sold on Amazon, Booktopia, and all good bookstores nationally.

Cynthia can also be followed on Twitter @cynthiajmorton, Instagram #EmotionalFitness or Facebook cynthiamorton.com

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