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The four characteristics you need to achieve and maintain wealth


Statistics show that 70% of all lottery winners lose their money within five years – a startling number that undermines the common belief that wealth creation arises purely from having a lot of money, or knowing how to generate it.

However, Right Riches for You facilitator, Curry Glassell belives it doesn’t matter whether you have been raised in prosperity of poverty.

“With a healthy approach to money, anybody can create wealth,” she says.

According to Glassell, instead of focusing purely on how to generate income or maximise investments, it’s also vital to adopt the characteristics and values needed to achieve and maintain wealth. These include:

Courage: Have the courage to face uncomfortable conversations with creditors and, importantly, to admit the truth about your bad habits and behaviours around money.

Vulnerability: Be willing to ask for help or support, even if it means risking your dignity. Being able to learn from others and seek support is a vital component in making healthy, sustainable financial decisions. Having solid financial knowledge is more important than pride.

Practicality:  Look truthfully and practically at your life. Value yourself enough to say “no” when a purchase is not needed. When you realize that spending is a choice, it’s easier to get real and practical about the implications of each purchase.

Responsibility: It’s naïve and misguided to think that anybody else cares about your prosperity as much as you do, so never step back and allow others to be fully responsible for your financial well-being. It’s imperative that you get involved and take responsibility of your own money.

Curry Glassell was born into great wealth but, at the age of 40, she found herself newly divorced, two million dollars in debt and completely ignorant of how financial systems work. This situation would be devastating for anyone but, in it, Glassell discovered the opportunity to draw upon her personal character and start building a healthier relationship with money. Now a millionaire, Glassell inspires others to realize that creating prosperity starts with tapping into the strength of your own personal characteristics.

“Many think they will be grateful when they have wealth, but sense of gratitude helps create wealth,” she said. “Express gratitude for what you do have. This opens up possibilities and places you in a better mindset to make wise choices and create more wealth.”

“Most importantly, I simplified my life and empowered myself financially”, she adds.


About Curry Glassell

As a “Right Riches for You” facilitator helping people around America and internationally, Curry’s progressive worldview is informed by early experiences in Texas, Manhattan and Boston. While the glitter and gold of girlhood looked warm and beautiful to outsiders, reality was far different inside the chilly Glassell bubble. Later, when she found herself a divorced, deserted and desolate single mom of two young boys, she pivoted and took total charge of her own life to forge a courageous new path– supercharged with a passion for conscious change and personal empowerment.

Curry is a dynamic producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, facilitator and art-loving mother of two who loves helping people realize what’s actually out there for them in the world, if they let it in. For more information:

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