Want a career change? Here is where to start.


Many women in their 40’s and 50’s face the challenge of a career change. Being suddenly thrust into the unknown can cause many job seekers lose their confidence.

Deborah and Kirstie share their insights on what they believe is holding women back. They discuss strategies on how to overcome those career change fears.

Kirstie suggests that many women, in this age group, believe they “aren’t digital enough”. Therefore, feel that they don’t have anything to add to a business.

For those with a vast work history, drawing on your experience, wisdom and knowledge can be the answer.

Kirstie believes there is a learning curve to all new jobs. The digital medium is just another skill to learn on that curve.

“You have a wisdom that you can bring to anything,” said Kirstie.  “You must never devalue the content that is in your head and in your experience,” she said.

But how to do you project this wisdom and experience in an interview and make a great first impression?

“Being honest and being able to say what it is that you know, and what it is that you’re willing to learn, but that you still remain curious,” said Kirstie.

Kirstie states that many employers are looking for people with a level head and broader knowledge. The key is to remain honest about your strengths and interests when convincing the interviewer of your suitability.

About Kirstie

Kirstie Clements is a best-selling author, editor, journalist, consultant, and keynote speaker, with vast first-hand experience in the luxury industry. Kirstie worked for Condé Nast International and Vogue for more than 25 years and was editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia for 13 years (1999-2012). She has written articles and columns for numerous publications, websites and newspapers and most recently books including The Vogue Factor and most recently Impressive: How to Have a Stylish Career. Kirstie is currently an editorial consultant for Bauer Media.

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