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How to make yummy Easter chocolate treats


Looking for some yummy Easter chocolate treats to make like Easter buttons, Rocky Road Bunnies and Hazelnut Chocolate Cups – then this clip is for you.  In this series of how-to-cook videos, Iris Windsor shows Deborah just how easy it can be.  Links to Iris’ informative videos are below.

Iris’ quick facts and tips about cooking chocolate:

  • Tempered chocolate is only required when you are making chocolates
  • Tempered chocolate basically means it has been heated to make sure the coco butter crystals are evenly distributed
  • When the coco butter crystals separate it makes the chocolate white (blooms) but it is actually still edible and can be used in cooking
  • It is important to use good quality couverture chocolate when making Easter chocolates (find out more)

About Iris

Iris Windsor is principal and chef of How To Cook, a gourmet food blog and recipe site.



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