Fit, Fab & 50 – The Healthy Bones Week Challenge!


Women all around Australia are invited to join the Fit, Fab and 50 Challenge during this year’s Healthy Bones Action Week from August 3 – 9.

Healthy bones are a “must-have” to live a fit and active lifestyle, particularly as women approach menopause and the years beyond.

During menopause up to 10% of bone density can be lost, yet over 90% of Australian women over 50 are not getting the recommended 4 daily serves of dairy needed to keep their bones strong.

By signing up for the free Fit, Fab and 50 Challenge women can kick-start their journey towards better bone health. Each day during the Week participants will receive tips, healthy and easy-to-make recipes, fitness suggestions and expert advice from a team of hand-picked experts. There are some fabulous prizes, such as 70 x $100 supermarket vouchers and a Michael Kors handbag, to be won.

Healthy Bones Action Week seeks to reverse the increasing prevalence of osteoporosis in Australia. Currently two in three Australians over the age of 50 have osteoporosis or osteopenia and by 2022, 6.2million Australians will be affected – an increase of 31% from 2012.

Emma Glassenbury, an Accredited Practising Dietitian at Dairy Australia said that taking steps to protect their bones needs to be a priority for middle aged women.

“Osteoporosis can seriously affect a woman’s health and quality of life, especially through greater susceptibility to fractures. The good news is that you can help prevent bone thinning by taking some easy and low cost steps.”

Emma’s three top tips for looking after your bones are:

  1. Consume four serves of calcium-rich foods each day. Milk, cheese and yoghurt are the richest sources of calcium in the Australian diet. A serve is 250ml milk, 200ml yoghurt, 40g cheese or 120g ricotta cheese. For recipe ideas visit:
  2. Commit to doing some kind of weight-bearing exercise three or more times a week. Weight-bearing exercise is any activity where your body carries your weight – jogging, aerobics or tennis are great examples. Exercising regularly helps maintain bone strength plus improve muscle strength and agility which are increasingly important for our bone health as we get older.
  3. Get safe sun exposure for vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. It also helps control the levels of calcium in the bloodstream. The amount of sun exposure needed depends upon the season and where you live.

Dairy Australia also has resources and information for families, schools, community groups and other organisations who would like to get involved in Healthy Bones Action Week and help spread the word on the key actions needed for building and maintaining healthy bones.

Visit to register for the Challenge, for more information or for some calcium-rich recipe ideas. You can also follow Healthy Bones Action Week at and

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