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megan-dalla-caminaDo you feel exhausted, worn out or lost your spark? You’re not alone.

According to Megan Dalla-Camina, author of “Getting Real About Having It All” many of us have become stuck in the fog of fatigue and are in desperate need of some passion.

“There are so many women that are exhausted, worn out, burnt out and if they are not sick now they may be on the verge of it,” Megan said.

Having been there herself, written a book about it and now coaching in this area,

Megan says there is a “huge percentage of women who just have a greyness to them”.

“They’ve lost their colour, their spark, they might be on the edge of a burn out or it could be shear tiredness.”

So what do you do if you are stuck in the fog?

“The number one thing is to reinvestigate your passion – not what you were passionate about before but what you are passionate about now,” Megan said.

“Some people can name it but for others you have to go on a journey to work out what that was.”

An interesting question which Megan asks in her book is “where would you sleep in a bookshop””?

“It’s an interesting question because I talk to clients who really have no idea – they are in a work situation that they don’t love and are really out of touch with themselves.

“I asked this question of one of my clients who was really unhappy and it took her a while but she came in one day and said, ‘I’d sleep in the travel section’ and that took her on a whole journey of what she wanted to do, and how she wanted to show up in her life.”

From there, Megan says the next step is to create a life vision and get clear on the important things in life and start creating boundaries around them.

“One of the things I work towards with my clients, is creating boundaries.  So kids, parents, friends, they are all there and are all challenges but when we can get clear and put boundaries around the things that are really important to us then we can start making progress to live our lives they way we want them to be,” she said.

“It took me years to get to where I am today. It was about creating boundaries around those things that were important so I could inch my way forward. You don’t have to change your whole life in an instant either.  I started with small changes that made a big difference.”

Megan says this can be very difficult but one thing is certain, wellness should be on your life vision list and one of the first things to create some boundaries around.

And although there is a plethora of wellness info out there, Megan has just three tips:

  • Drink something green every day
  • Make sure you are getting 8 hours sleep
  • Learn to meditate – five minutes twice a day

“There’s a myth around meditation that you have to sit there for hours but that doesn’t happen for most people,” Megan says.
“Research shows five minutes each day will have a significant impact on you. It’s about bringing moments of stillness into your day. It can literally change everything.”

Megan also touches on one of our hot topics for Balance members… sugar!

She mentions in her chapter about “nourishing your body” that the “white stuff” is like cocaine and should be restricted where possible.

“Removing sugar completely would be the ultimate, but it is really challenging and for many people, I don’t think it’s either desirable or realistic,” she said.

“Cut it down and cut it out where you can is what I say about sugar. Replace it with healthy alternatives, where you can.

“But the number one thing is to be conscious of it. Sugar is in every processed food you eat and it has a massive impact on hormones and for women over 45, well we don’t need any more impact on our hormones right?”

Megan confesses she herself is not on a sugar free diet.

“I’m not perfect, I like the odd cupcake and I write about it.  The Magnolia Bakery in New York is like a beacon in my sleep calling me to eat cupcakes, but I try to eat organically and generally I’m pretty good.”

“I’ve had a long history of ill health, and so when I’m at my best I have no gluten, no wheat, no sugar and no dairy.”

Megan said wheat was her trigger for sugar and others may find the same.

“I notice myself when I cut out wheat my cravings for sugar disappear,” she said.

“What you need to do is understand your body, your cravings and understand what that means for you.”

Megan's Green SmoothieMegan’s Green Smoothie

  • Around 150ml filtered water
  • One cucumber
  • One green apple
  • Big bunch of spinach
  • Some celery stalks
  • Big handful of mint
  • Some ice cubes

Blend it all together in a juicer or powerful blender.

Use all organic ingredients where possible and when you are starting out use baby spinach instead of spinach because it has a more subtle taste.

Megan says, “After a while, you will actually crave the taste – trust me it’s true, even if it’s hard to believe now.”

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