How we think about menopause and divorce can impact our search for love


As head of a professional executive dating and introduction agency for over 40 years, Yvonne Allen has helped clients in all stages of life find and build successful relationships. But what impact can divorce and menopause have when it comes to finding love?

Thrive through menopauseIn this first video, Deborah asks Yvonne about some of the greatest challenges facing women going through menopause.

“Yes it’s another whole phase of life, in fact, there are many more freedoms especially if you want to go out and have sex,” said Yvonne.

“A man doesn’t walk around thinking, oh she’s gone through menopause. It’s about how we value ourselves,” said Yvonne.

“It’s a state of mind. If we think negative we will be negative,” said Yvonne.

“We’ve got to be on top of our brain, not (to let) what’s in it run us,” she said.

Divorce and finding love and a new relationship

In this interview, Yvonne talks about the impact divorce can have on men and their ability to form new relationships.

About Yvonne Allen

Yvonne Allen is an author, public speaker, psychologist, matchmaker and relationship consultant and has been recognised in Australia and abroad for the work of her consultancy and as one of Australia’s leading businesswomen. In 2000 she was profiled by BRW as one of Australia’s leading innovators. Yvonne is a contributor to several publications on social issues and is also a sought after media commentator.


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