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February is a great time for a resolution reset


The statistics are not promising and chances are, if you set a New Year’s resolution, then you are already well on your way to breaking it.

According to Holistic wellness coach and educator, Kim Forrester, less than 10% of all New Year’s resolutions actually last the distance … and by the beginning of February, nearly 60% of resolutions will have already been broken.

“Most resolutions are doomed to fail simply because they are often chosen for the wrong reason”, she says. “By this time of year, the vast majority of people have already lost their way. But that makes now the perfect time to choose another resolution … one that is truly right for you.”

“If you use the word ‘should’ when describing the reasons behind your New Year’s resolution, then it will almost certainly fail. Chances are high, it already has”, she says. “The word ‘should’ carries with it a sense of resistance and invites in struggle, resentment and ultimate disappointment.”

For the many who have already lost their way in 2018, Forrester encourages a resolution reset … and says it all comes down to committing to something you truly want to do.

“When you commit to something because you want to, you are fully aligned with the decision: body, mind and soul. You will have the determination you need, the energy you require and the willpower to see it through”, she remarks.

Forrester offers the following tips on how to conduct a successful 2018 Resolution Reset:

Get clear about your intent:

“The resolution reset is a great opportunity to get clear about what you ‘want’ for yourself. It’s not about the what of your resolution, it’s about the why.

Do you believe you should lose 5kg because it’s an appealing number on your bathroom scales … or do you want to eat more nutritionally because you’d love to feel more energised?

Do you think you should stop wasting time on social media feeds … or do you want to nourish yourself more often with inspiring activities, surroundings and conversations?

Make sure you have the right intent when setting your goal, as this will help you maintain enthusiasm and commitment.”

Only focus on the things within your control:

“It’s all well and good to say ‘I’m going to change my job by the end of the year’, but in doing so, you may be setting yourself up for bitter disappointment.

“You can’t control the current job market, or the decisions of others. What you can promise yourself is that you will explore every employment opportunity, or that you will upskill, or believe in your skill set more unconditionally.

“When conducting a resolution reset, make sure that you don’t commit to a goal that is out of your control. Focus solely on YOU; your decisions, your actions and your attitude.”

Choose to be, rather than do:

“We live in a world obsessed with doing and, often, our resolutions are based on what we can achieve in a physical sense: join a gym, learn the guitar, spend less time on social media etc.

“But the easiest resolutions for us to maintain are those that focus on who we want to be: kinder, more assertive, more mindful, more optimistic etc.

“When we resolve to be something new, or greater, we place full responsibility in our own hands. And if we truly WANT to be something new, we will find ways to grow, adapt and evolve, and achieve our resolution.”

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and holistic wellness coach. Born in New Zealand, now living in Singapore, Kim has contributed regularly to global publications such as MariaShriver.com and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. http://www.kimforrester.net

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