Are you in a February slump? 5 inspiring ideas to re-find your mojo


Is your enthusiasm waning? Have you fallen off the bandwagon and gone back to those bad habits you said you were going to break in 2017?

You’ve probably spent the last 21 days setting new habits, moving towards your goals and kicking butt but as we approach March, we often find that work gets busy, Easter and the lure of chocolate is looming and life starts to distract you away from your goals.

So this week we are going to help you renew your resolve and refocus your energy with a special video blog from Deborah sharing her personal journey, 5 motivational and inspirational tips from our coaches and more.

It’s natural and understandable that your motivation levels wax and wane. The goals we set ourselves are never easy, they require work, dedication and willpower – if they were easy we’d have achieved them already!

Theodore Roosevelt famously said “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

So how do we keep ourselves moving towards our goals? How to we find the willpower and motivation to stick with it?

Over the years, we’ve asked our special guests the same question.

Here are 5 inspiring ideas to bump your mood

1. Amanda Gore says find the joy and you’ll find your motivation

“Studies have shown that people who know how to tap into their own happiness sell more, achieve more, and become more resilient and creative.”


2. Natalie Cook says a lot of people go into their goal without a map.

“It’s like blindfolding an archer and saying hit the target. Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and you write, why am I doing it, how am I going to do it and who’s going to help me.”

Find out more about how you can use Natalie Cook’s tried and proven strategies for achieving your goals. CLICK HERE

3. Cynthia Morton  said we need to approach life with love and kindness to get further in our journey.

“Do you fuel up each morning for your day’s journey ahead on love or fear? Love turns on our headlights and starts our body’s engine when we turn the key. Fear on the other hand leaves us without headlights, and is cheap, unreliable fuel that clogs our engine.”


4. Shannah Kennedy says picture yourself successful and stay focused on what that means.

“Sit down for 2minutes. That’s all that it takes to re-centre yourself, get a grip of yourself.” 

MORE advice from Shannah Kennedy

5. Wesley LifeShape Clinic say staying motivated is easier when you’re being held accountable. Do you have a team helping you achieve your goals?

“Having a plan for your goals is an important first step in actually achieving them. When it comes to the execution of a plan, having accountability throughout the ongoing process will increase the likelihood of being successful.”


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