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Failing eyesight? It could be your computer


A friend recently visited the optometrist complaining of failing eyesight. The optometrist said her eyes were not that bad, but what she was probably doing was straining the muscles through constant computer use and reading.

According to the optometrist, reading or computer use for one hour is the equivalent strain on your eye muscles as running up and down stairs for an hour is on your leg muscles. Who knew?

For healthy eyes, a 20-20-20 rule is advised – every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and make your eyes look 20 feet into the distance (that’s 6 metres for us in Australia, but 20-20-6 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it).

Fortunately there are a number of (ironically) computer programs or apps out there that can help you make sure you “exercise” your eyes properly. If you use a computer a lot, check out the options and pick one for yourself to help keep your eyes fit and reduce strain.

Michelle Hamer

Balance technologist, Michelle Hamer has over 30years of experience in the technology industry. She specialises in Microsoft Office training and has a Masters in Education. Find out how to make Microsoft Office work for you and prepare professional spreadsheets, documents and presentations in minutes with Michelle's “Tech Made Simple” online learning course.

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