Is Facebook and online marketing trends killing your business mojo? How to fix it…


The other day I intentionally spat coffee at my computer and broke my keyboard. Why?

I had just finished reading about Mark Zuckerberg’s big Facebook changes, mobilization, chatbots and a bunch of other articles about new marketing trends for 2018.

Honestly, if I wasn’t drinking coffee I would have been spitting chips! Just when we thought we knew what we were doing with our online marketing and social media the rules change AGAIN.

How the hell are we suppose to keep up?

Ideally, you’d have someone else (aka agency or gun marketing consultant) to look after your digital marketing strategy for you, but as a small business, it’s just not possible or affordable.

ENTER – Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketer has been my go-to resource in the world of online digital and social media marketing for more than four years. They have easy systems, easy processes and people that walk the talk!

Last year Balance by Deborah Hutton parent company OmniChannel Media Group hosted a series of Digital Marketer events across the Eastern Seaboard (maybe you came to one?). It gave hundreds of business owners and marketers, the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies and gave them access to ongoing support and education.

The great news is, we’ve got the entire DM team coming back in August

Ryan Diess is one of the world’s best digital marketers and together with Richard Lindner and Marcus Murphy he runs the premier online community for digital marketing education. All three are coming to Digital Marketer Down Under in August this year, in addition to Molly Pittman the former VP of Marketing for Digital Marketer, and ManyChat ambassador.

The event will also hear from some of the most successful members of the Digital Marketer community, including James Shramko, Mike Rhodes, Stephen Esk and Chandler Bolt. They’ll be sharing their secrets and campaigns that worked.

So how is this event going to help you?

This event is for anyone who

  • Advertises on Facebook or is considering advertising in Facebook. You’ll learn the best ways to do it to reach the most people and convert them to customers.
  • Advertises on Google or is worried about their google ranking and adwords account.
  • Writes blogs and creates social media content or is thinking of writing blogs for their website or using social media to build their profile and their sales.
  • Wants more sales and better customer experience from their digital marketing investment.

VISIT THE EVENT PAGE – to find out more and reserve your seat

Content & Traffic Event April 2018

Megan Houston

Balance website, community and content manager. Email megan@omnichannelmediagroup.com.au

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