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The Eye Roll

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Looking and really seeing ourselves and others with the EYES of our heart is a challenging task during conflict.

When we surrender our busyness and fear and remain emotionally available and calm we have a much higher chance of creating a peaceful resolution.

Restraining our ego from interrupting and EYE rolling and instead offering compassionate EYES and silent spaces for the other to draw breath and feel heard, heals hearts more than thousands of clever words ever can.

The language of a loving heart is mostly silent and patient, and deliberate EYE contact is where honest communication starts.

So let’s decide to improve our Emotional Fitness and not just look, but also take time to really see those trying to connect with us with loving not fearful EYES?

If we cannot look others or ourselves in the EYE it is an indicator that our heart is closed off with fear.

An open heart, requires opening our EYES with love and to love.

I often have to remind my clients to hold EYE contact with me and stay open hearted and connected to me when I’m speaking healing, loving words to them.Holding EYE contact, not rolling them dismissively and looking away when another compliments or validates us let’s love in rather than deflecting it.

An EYE roll disconnects the heart. It is like pulling the plug out from a wall whilst someone is in the middle of using an electrical device. The power of heart connection is broken when they or we roll their EYES. It’s disrespectful and disempowering to pull the plug when someone is mid conversation with an exasperated EYE roll. If we deflect love, refusing to connect our heart with respectful EYE contact our relationships will remain malnourished, we lose heartfelt connections and our Emotional Fitness and resilience erodes.

Our EYES are a direct portal to our heart. It’s a simple yet not easy Emotional Fitness tip and one of the hardest to master when we are emotionally guarded, shut down or afraid. Emotional recovery all starts with the willingness to look at and into ourselves first with love. If we can’t do this with ourselves in our own bathroom mirror, we will struggle to master it with others.

One of the most important acts of love we can offer another is to truly see them. So many people on this planet feel invisible. Unseen and unheard.

Lets ensure those we cherish know we truly see them. Even occasionally connecting with a gentle hand touch and reassuring those we love with the simple phrase …

“Sweetheart, I see you, and I love you” can be such an intimate gift and reboot a tired heart.

Looking into others and ourselves with love instead of fear is a real EYE opener on so many levels.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is the bestselling Author, Blogger, Lecturer and Founder of the multi award-winning Emotional Fitness Program. Since 1995 she has helped nearly 30,000 Australians – from the leaders of commerce and industry, indigenous communities, elite athletes and teens - improve their emotional health and well-being. Her extraordinary work has been recognized with an Australian of the Year Award (Qld. Local Hero Category 2005), The Prime Ministers Award of Excellence Award, and The Pride of Australia Medal.

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