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Everyone has the right to feel safe – BBDH rallies behind its founder


Founder and publisher Deborah Hutton has confirmed reports that her former partner has been charged with stalking and intimidation.

Deborah has been shocked and devastated by the situation as it evolved. We can confirm she is now safe and working with the police on resolving this matter and letting the legal process take its due course.

Obviously we are requesting that the media respect her privacy at this time. Deborah is surrounded by friends and family, and we trust the Balance community will also support her through this difficult time.

As a community, we believe every woman, man and child has a right to feel safe in their relationships and in their own home – a celebrity should be no different.

We also acknowledge that it takes courage and resilience beyond measure to recognise and remove yourself from toxic situations. So we are sending Deborah all our love.

Remember, if you need support or help please contact the authorities and trusted health professionals. Below are some links to resources you can use;





Queensland Government Services



New South Wales Government Services


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  1. Leonie

    August 22, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    What gives this person the right to think he is above any human being and can treat someone so disgracefully? I just saw the report on tv and was shocked. You put your faith and love in someone and they turn around and do this to you. How dare anyone feel they have the right to encroach on her personal space. Deb has shared her life and her passion for being open by sharing her fantastic reno with us all then this one selfish human being tries to destroy all her faith in the human race by treating her like this. I am so disappointed for her, what a ‘pig’. Now her home is on the news, even naming the street she resides in to all. How dare the media harass her, she has worked so hard and given us all so much love and support, she deserves to be left alone to enjoy her beautiful space.
    Men, I know not all men are like this but it’s times like this that I think how lucky I am to be in a loving gay relationship and have a beautiful partner. I know women can be crazy too, come play with us Deb, you don’t need this in your life. I hope you are left alone to enjoy your beautiful home. L x

  2. MC

    August 25, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Hi Deb,
    Sorry to hear you had to go through this awful ordeal.

    If that’s what your partner was like, good riddance! We all know it takes courage to walk away from a relationship that is not good for the soul so well done you!
    By the way, your ex was dealing with the end of your relationship in the most childlike way, what a tosser! Not the actions you’d expect from a 49yo person.

    I don’t believe in relationships with men anymore for that reason. Somehow and in my experience, they never seem to reach a level of mental intelligence (sorry to the good men out there) that is workable for us women.
    Started batting for the other team later in life and I have to admit I much prefer my new team 😁

    One last thing: your new house is gorgeous!
    Don’t allow this horrible experience to change how you feel about your wonderful and magical new home!

    Sending you powerful vibes from Europe to help you deal with the losers in your world!

    All the best,

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