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Erica Stewart’s recipe for balance. Is it all smoke and mirrors?


Founder and CEO of hardtofind Erica Stewart talks to Deborah about how she juggles being a mum of three, wife and thriving business owner and contemplates if there is such a thing as work-life balance or if it’s just all smoke and mirrors.

“I have got three kids and running a business and a family is really hard,” said Erica.

Erica believes she is lucky to have her husband around to help with the running of the household and be on hand for the kids when needed and states that this relieves “a lot of the mum guilts”.

“I don’t know if you can have it all”

“I think work-life balance is different for everybody,” says Erica.

“What work-life balance means to me might be different for somebody else,” she said.

“I get a lot of joy and self-nourishment out of what I do, so to me that’s what part of what makes me feel like a balanced human,” said Erica. “Equally, I value the fact that I’ve got flexibility to be home for the family when I need to be which I think is harder to get in the corporate world.”

Erica then goes on to talk to Deborah about the “non-negotiable” commitments she makes to her family and herself in order to maintain her sense of balance.

Tomorrow, Deb and Erica Stewart discuss the growth of hardtofind, what it was like hiring her first employee and why it’s important to celebrate your success.

About Erica Stewart

Erica Stewart is founder and CEO of online curated marketplace

In 2008, Erica saw a gap in the market for shoppers looking to locate beautifully designed, handcrafted, unique products and drew on her skills and experiences working in lifestyle magazines to launch the online retailer.

While on maternity leave from her position as National Sales Manager with News Life Media, Erica decided to prioritise the growth of the platform and began working on the business full-time.

hardtofind has its home in Sydney’s vibing inner west and works with sellers from all around Australia and as far away as London, Lithuania and Puerto Rico.

The site brings together an expertly sourced global community of cottage industries, independent studios and hole-in-the-wall retailers with people looking for something different – and creating a much more personal maker/manufacturer-to-customer shopping experience.

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