A recipe for balance

Dr Katrina Warren’s recipe for balance


When she is not working with animals, Dr Katrina Warren is proudly the mother of a young daughter. Juggling work and home is no easy task when it comes to finding her recipe for balance.

In order to maintain balance and care for herself, Dr Katrina tries to fit in exercise at least three times a week.  Walking her dog every day also ensures she gets some much needed ‘me time’.

About Katrina

A qualified veterinarian Dr Katrina has appeared across all media platforms, television, radio, print and internet, has written three books, regularly MC’s events and does dog training talks and demonstrations.

Dr Katrina Warren first appeared on our television screens in 1994 as a presenter on the children’s show, Totally Wild. She then went on to co-host the long running hit TV show, Harry’s Practice and became a household name for promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

In Australia, Dr Katrina is currently resident veterinarian on the Today Show as well as hosting Talk To The Animals for Ch 9.

In the USA Katrina was the star of Beverly Hills Vet for Animal Planet and is currently in the her third season as the host of Housecat Housecall, also for Animal Planet, USA.
Katrina Warren loves all animals but has a huge passion for Border Collies – particularly chocolate ones. Her beloved Border Collie, Toby, won hearts across the country for his mischievous personality and amazing repertoire of tricks-which resulted in a top selling book, Wonderdog.



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