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Got the blues? Three tips for finding hope


Have you tried everything you can imagine to beat the blues, or it’s bigger sibling, depression? Medication, exercise, therapy, self-help books, standing on one leg and hopping in a circle with your eyes closed, laughter yoga… you get the point. If you’ve tried everything, and it’s not changing, is it possible that it may be time to try something totally different?

An alarming number of people wake up every morning and dread the day ahead, and fifteen years ago, I felt exactly that way.  I was willing at that point to do anything – no matter how different, crazy, or how simple – to have that sense of space again, where I knew I could change anything in my life, including depression.

These tools are different, no drugs required. And they are simple, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you! Try them and see.

Tool #1:  Ask “Who Does This Belong To?” for all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up.

A lot of people who do tend to experience depression are sort of sensitive to other people and have a little less of a thick skin between their own world and everyone else’s.

We pick up the energies of what is going on around us like big radio receivers, but instead of realising that we are just perceiving other people’s stuff and letting it move on through, we think it’s ours and keep it around.

The truth is 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience on a daily basis are not actually yours – you are picking them up from everyone else!  What if you didn’t have to hold onto them any longer?  Even the old familiar ones you recognize from when you were a kid?

When you ask ‘who does this belong to?’, if it lightens up or changes at all, it isn’t yours!  If you ask this question for three days for every thought, feeling and emotion you have, you begin to have a greater sense of space and peace in your world. Your minds gets empty and you get to relax.

Tool #2:  Get rid of the ‘sludgy’ feeling and move your body!

Moving your body just 3-4 days a week for at least ten minutes can create amazing changes.

Your body is meant to move. It loves to run, jump, swim, play, have sex, roller-blade and be enjoyed for the gift of movement it can be. Our sedentary lifestyles where we go from the box of our home, travel in a box with wheels, to sit all day in a dimly-lit box while working all day is really stressful on our bodies and rather unkind too.

Moving your body creates blood flow, gets the lymphs flowing, so you don’t feel sludgy, it releases endorphins, and generally makes you feel better.

Is there something your body would like to do today? Go do it! You don’t have to do it like a world class athlete. Make it easy. Do it for fun! For your body! Just do it.

Tool #3:  Hang out with happy people.

When you hang out with people who do criticism and judgment, or sadness and depression, you start to do the same.

If you begin to seek out and hang around with happy people, who will look on the light side and see the possibilities in life, rather than focus on the dark side, then you start to find the lightness and possibility out in the rest of the world too.

If you’re willing to try something different and do a little bit of work, you’ll discover you have the power to change anything, including the blues. There is always hope, and there is always a different possibility, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on!

About Dain

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change.

In his talks and workshops, he uses a unique set of tools and provides step by step energetic processes to get people out of the answers, conclusions and judgments that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of no choice and no change – leading them into the moments of awe that have the power to change anything.

You can get access to Dain’s toolkit via his online learning program at learn.balancebydeborahhutton.com.au

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Dain Heer

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. His latest book is 'Being You, Changing the World - Is Now the Time?'. For over 14 years Dain has been inviting people to embrace their true greatness.


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