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Darren Palmer making luxury easy


Darren Palmer is a man who knows about style. As a judge on The Block, we’ve been watching him offer his tips and insights to contestants as they try to create inspiring spaces. But now we’re going to be able to take home his advice, in the shape of a new book called “Easy Luxury – An Expert Guide to Creating Your Perfect Home”.

The book is all about achievable ways to create a luxury-look in your home – on a budget. Full of lush photographs of Darren’s own interior design projects, ranging from family homes to small apartments, the book provides key styling tips to help you get the most out of a space.

Darren says it’s important to be realistic when it comes to your time, energy and money – but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a big impact in your home. The book is full of tips for people who want to style a new home, or get their property ready to sell.

If you’re wondering where to begin, Darren says it’s important to have a checklist that covers all the practicalities and planning – through to the elements of design. Easy Luxury takes a detailed look – room by room – at the goals, opportunities and potential pitfalls involved in styling your home.

Darren says it’s not about designing a space that is so luxurious you are too scared to sit on the sofa – but rather, adding style and functionality to a room.

“I have three dogs, a five-year old son and an old cat. I’ve designed my home to reflect my lifestyle and family – and that’s what this book offers. It’s about understanding what your constraints are and how you need to live in a space – and then delivering something that’s beautiful, luxurious and stylish to suit those needs,” Darren said.

To find out more about Darren Palmer and to gain some ideas for your own home, head to his website.


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