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I’m always inspired by people who come up with a great idea, believe in their abilities to do something about it, then have the courage to make it happen. What do they always say… “follow your dreams”.

We can all sit back and paint a perfect picture of what our future looks like but it really comes back to what’s important to you and what you are most passionate about. Time is so limited and such a precious commodity we need to really decide where and how we want to spend our days.

That well-versed expression keeps coming back to me, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Lisa Wilkinson holds that as one of her beliefs, as does Maggie Beer. Both of these women have never been busier and importantly have never been better at what they do. Of course they are passionate about their work and embrace every day, even the longest ones, because they believe in what they’re doing and get great pleasure from it.

If you are at a crossroads, (like I was before I created Balance), it’s important to think about the things in your life you love doing, what you are good at, what skills you have honed, and what feeds your soul.

We are all different – what works for you may not necessarily work for me. Some people are driven by working hard, building a business from a simple idea and turning it into a financially successful company… think Carolyn Creswell and her delicious Carman’s Muesli.

Some people are inspired by helping others, can see a need in the community where they can fill the gap and in doing so create a successful business … my earlier interview with Ronni Kahn from OzHarvest is a wonderful example of that.

I tracked down a lovely friend of mine, Robyn Holt, who I had lost touch with over time. She used to be the editor-in-chief of Vogue Living, then went on to run YSL Cosmetics, and ended up moving to Russia of all places to be the CEO of Conde Nast Publications. She moved back to Sydney a few years ago, and now sits on a number of boards, does consulting work for major corporations and is a brilliant business mentor. Her depth of experience across business and commerce is formidable.

So Robyn, now in her late 60’s is far from powering down. In fact she’s putting her strengths to good use in hosting Small Business Makeover workshops through Megan Morton’s ‘The School’.

Business and guiding others to be successful is now Robyn’s passion. For me, it’s always incredibly inspiring to witness the doers in this world. We have the pleasure of featuring many of them on Balance, so I hope you take a few wisdoms from Robyn this week, go back to Carolyn and Ronni’s interviews and stay tuned for Maggie Beer’s in the near future.

My passion and what I personally love, is to be able to explore the way in which these amazing women think!




Turn your Passion into Purpose

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know how and where to start? Are you, too, driven to succeed? Balance by Deborah Hutton has recently collaborated with Jack Delosa, the highly successful young entrepreneur and investor, who at the age of 27 has created two multi-million dollar companies – BME Education and The Entourage. He has spoken for and been engaged as a thought-leader for brands such as Microsoft, AMEX, Virgin and CPA on the topic of business growth and performance. Jack also authored ‘Unprofessional’, a book which gives you permission to throw out the rulebook, forget the old paradigms, and build your business to a position of market leadership using strategies that still haven’t found their way onto the notepads of management consultants.

His online business course Passion to Purpose uses the inspiration and learning from The Enoturage and tailored it specifically for aspiring mature entrepreneurs.

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Deborah Hutton is the publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton. She is passionate about helping woman to define their own recipe for balance