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Do you want to ‘go big’ with your life?


It took Lisa Messenger a few years to arrive at the conclusion that she was going to ‘go big’ with her life. She says the process involved a decision to stop drinking alcohol when she was 33, eating a whole lot of a raw food at a vegan commune in Cost Rica, some therapy sessions – and then a week in Bali when she was 41 during which she had a light-bulb moment.

“I realised that my calling was to inspire, motivate and share knowledge with other entrepreneurs – that’s how The Collective concept was conceived,” she said.

Lisa Messenger started her business life in sponsorship and events, brokering international deals for the likes of The Wiggles, Barry Humphries and Cirque du Soleil, before she former her own PR and publishing companies. Over the years she has authored and co-authored 14 books. She has also been a three-time finalist for the ‘Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Awards’.

She launched her multimedia brand The Collective in 2013 and it has gone from strength to strength – defying the odds in a highly competitive industry. Lisa says that the reason she has been so successful in business is because she isn’t afraid to fail.

“To keep The Collective relevant we need to constantly come up with different revenue streams. Everyday I come up with new product and event ideas. I’ll ping an email off to the marketing department or an investor and they might say ‘that’s a crap idea’ and bang – I’ve failed, but at least I fail fast. The key is to keep things moving,” she said.

In the interview below Lisa shares more of her personal story and explains how she managed to battle her demons in order to ‘go big’ with her life.


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