Do you suffer from lack of desire? Your Sacral Chakra could be out of balance


Your second chakra or energy centre is the sacral chakra. Just as the base chakra is associated with your physical survival, so is the sacral chakra responsible for your emotional survival. Feelings and experiences of love and hate, acceptance and rejection, all have a profound impact on this chakra and, in turn, the relationships in your life.

Your ability to connect with others, and the qualities of these connections, are all determined by your ability to connect with yourself. A healthy sacral chakra will enable you to flow, move and change. In addition to the ability to gracefully accept change and movement, you will also experience the capacity for sexual satisfaction, physical pleasure, comfort with intimacy, and a general enjoyment of life. The issues and goals in this chakra all pertain to sexuality and desire. These include your ability to move your body, your feelings about your relationships with others, sex, physical pleasures, sexuality, and addictions. An unbalanced sacral chakra will result in problems and issues in these areas.

If you have a deficient sacral chakra then you will experience weakness or avoidance in terms of these issues. Deficiency in this chakra can be experienced as rigidity in your body. You might find it difficult to know what your body is feeling, thus making it difficult for you to soften your body and let go. You might even suffer from a general lack of desire and not feel any desire through physical touch. In this case, sex often feels like a chore, or it is completely emotionally meaningless. This lack of passion, desire and excitement actually stems from difficulties connecting to others, which in turn stems from your difficulty to connect to yourself.

In addition to physical rigidity, a deficient sacral chakra can also result in rigidity in your mind and attitudes. This might result in poor social skills. You will maintain strong and hardened boundaries, which others would probably consider to be excessive, making it difficult or even frightening to contemplate intimacy or change. This fear of sex causes frigidity, fuelling the viscous cycle of physical and emotional symptoms associated with a deficient sacral chakra.

In fact, you are likely to deny yourself any form of pleasure. Because of this, you are likely to view yourself as a martyr, depriving yourself of the simple physical pleasures in life. This self-pity often translates into whining and complaining, but seldom into any form of action. You feel that you are not worthy or deserving of any pleasure in life. You experience a lot of guilt, and then project this guilt onto other people, making them suffer as well.

The sacral chakra needs to be balanced to enable you to enjoy the emotional and physical richness of life. Healing tips include introducing the colour orange into your life, as well as therapies and hobbies that focus on movement and emotional release.

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