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Balance by Deborah Hutton is pleased to announce the launch of a new online learning program from our spirituality and intuition coach Katrina Cavanough.

A six module, 12 week course, Discover your inner wisdom, will help you live a balanced life with your inner wisdom.  

For more information about the program watch the video above and read the introduction from Katrina below. Click on the green start button to enrol today.

About my program Discover Your Inner Wisdom

By Katrina Cavanough

btnStartImagine if I waved a magic wand before you and, in an instant, you had the ability to know the best way to live your life.

With more ease than you can imagine you move purposefully through each day and have a sense of knowing that you are headed in the right direction.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with living life in this way. Even when troubled times come, and just for a moment you are affected by the situation, you easily have the ability to return yourself to a place of calm. You feel confident in the fact that you will know what to do, who to talk to and how to return yourself to the feeling state that comes with a balanced life.

Well the good news is that I do not need a magic wand because this exquisite ability is naturally within you. It is your own wisdom and the ‘extra special’ good news is that it is available to you every single minute of the day.

Many of us lose our connection to this part of ourselves. In western society we are socialized to look outside of ourselves for answers on how to be happy, feel successful and have peace. We live our lives completely unaware of the most precious resource within us.

To live this way is like trying to drive a car with only three wheels. And we wonder why our journey is not so smooth and we never quite get to where we want to go. Four wheels are much better. With four wheels the journey is smoother, easier and you are guaranteed to reach your destination.

All of us at some point have referred to having a ‘gut feeling’ about someone or a situation. Usually when we listen to that gut feeling, we find our feelings are correct. That sensation within our bodies is our own inner wisdom communicating with us.

When Deborah Hutton asked me to create a program for the Balance community I was overjoyed. The idea that I could create something that would help people to connect with who they truly are, return to an awareness of their own wisdom and really live their best life – I could not resist.

My greatest wish for people is to live in a state of peace. Sometimes the road to get there is not always easy.  But if you have four wheels on the road the journey is smoother and you arrive with little effort to your destination.

Living with an awareness of your own wisdom is very much like that. When we listen to our wisdom, and allow ourselves to be guided, then life simply flows and feels effortless. Empowered by a ‘gentle knowing’ that all is well, you can live each day as if it were your last, enjoy all the wonder and cherish the important things in life.

I hope you enjoy discovering your wisdom as much as I enjoy living with mine.

Kindest & Happiest

Katrina Cavanough  X

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Katrina Cavanough

Katrina Cavanough is a woman who ‘knows’. Katrina holds two university degrees (MAASW BSWBSocSc) in the field of relationships and human behaviour. Her first book ‘Wisdom For Your Life’ details her journey as a therapist and frontline social worker in a busy emergency department, where she faced death and trauma daily. It explains how she was able to communicate with souls who had passed over in order to gain a bounty of wisdom. Learn how to connect with your powerful intuition when you enrol in Katrina’s online course “Discovering Wisdom”. In her mainstream work Katrina is the founder of, a program that uses acts of kindness on purpose as an access point to empathy. Learn how to connect with your powerful intuition and kindness when you enrol in Katrina's online course "Discovering Wisdom".

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