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Have you ever dismissed an opportunity that eventually delivered everything you have yearned for?

Dianne Charman did.

Twenty years ago she went to see a financial planner about her own future, armed with what she thought was some amateur research and ideas on where to invest her money.

“The thing is, money had always interested me and I was working in a bank at the time,” she said.

“When I showed the planner my ideas he said, “Di you could do this”, but I completely discounted it,” she said

“I thought I’d never be able to do it.  At the time my husband worked in the army and we were posted in Darwin.”

But a few months later, Dianne looked into financial planning as a career.  She finished her diploma in 1997 and became one of the few female practitioners, and, even rarer still, one with an administration and university background.

“My ultimate aim was to work in stock broking and so I started with a financial planner that was right next door to a stockbroker.

“I obviously wanted to know more about the market so together we started an investment club – within a few months we had 16 women putting in $50 per month and we had a fantastic, hoot of a time.”

Eventually more and more people wanted to join the club and Dianne ended up managing 20 different clubs.

By this stage, Dianne’s business as a financial planner was booming.  As a result and she was named NT Young Business Women of the Year and later Australian Business Women of the Year.

 Dianne had inadvertently discovered her calling… but her success was curtailed by her husband’s posting to Perth.

“It was really difficult for me because I’d obviously started to build a client base, but at that stage I wasn’t entirely sure if I was in business or not.”

For a while, Dianne worked in the corporate world.  She then moved back to Queensland after 15 years away, and with her 12-week-old son in toe, she knew she needed to pursue a more family friendly career.

Four years ago Dianne got a call from a financial planning practice in Ipswich who were looking to sell and today she is the director of Jade Financial Group, an AMP Financial Planning practice.

“The perception is that financial planning is not a woman’s job and isn’t family friendly but that’s not true at all,” she said.

“My team are all women and I have two children. I sit here today with my own business, a really flexible schedule and a wonderful sense of engagement with the community I work in”, she said

The industry is actively taking steps to embrace women in financial services roles with training courses becoming more flexible and a national initiative introduced by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) to connect and support females.

Dianne says although it has been a traditionally male dominated sector, women are in demand for their  great communication skills and unique perspective they can bring to a financial planning career.

“The statistics say that while 80 percent of financial decisions are made by women men are more open to taking risks where as women tend to want more education and understanding.”

“I am focused on the family and I attract a lot of women who are worried about their family’s financial security.”

Dianne Charman is an Authorised Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd.  

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