Things you hear out of the corner of your eye and the reality of ageing


Are there things you swore you wouldn’t do or wouldn’t say when you were older?

In this video Deborah Hutton and Denise Scott talk about the things they didn’t think would happen as they got older.

“You hear all the time people that get older all they talk about is their ailments, god forbid, I don’t want to be one of those people,” Deborah said.

However, Denise said she was at a stage in life where she had embraced it and asked people to pay “cold hard cash” and she would tell people for an hour about her ailments.

“For me, because I’m only 62, there are things that happen, like arthritis, that I didn’t think would or that I thought I’ll rise above that mentally, I’ll handle that and I’ll handle it differently to the way my uncle so and so did,” Denise said.

“But there I am in the farm story buying horse linament and anything that will help!”

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