How to deal with fear and invest in your passion


Sarah Liu and Deborah discuss career and life transitions for those over 50 and how dealing with fear can enable you to invest in your own passion and purpose.

Sarah tells Deborah that dealing with fear is a recurring theme addressed by many contributors in her new book “The World We See – Leadership Lessons from Australia’s Iconic Change Makers“.

The book is a collection of short stories and inspirational advice from 33 CEOs and senior managers.

Contributor Peter Bosilkovski, CEO of Leo Burnett Sydney, believes that “passion crushes fear” and so Sarah goes on to explore the impact of fear when it comes to developing a career based on your passions and purpose.

“It’s important to acknowledge that fear can co-exist with other emotions,” said Sarah.

“It’s never about not feeling fearful. It’s that, despite having a fear what would you do about it?”

Sarah’s approach to facing challenges – “acknowledge them, accept them, embrace them and then move forward,” said Sarah.

In terms of moving forward, Sarah believes that having a portfolio career and multiple interests allows better adaptation to innovation and change.

“It’s not about having the one job, and not about having the one job that defines me, it’s (that) I have my own purpose and I will engage in whatever activity and businesses that allow me to live out that passion and purpose,” said Sarah.

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About Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu is the founder of The Dream Collective and Little Girl Big Dream, Australia’s leading networks connecting and developing high calibre young professional women.

Sarah is an entrepreneur, brand strategist, author speaker and advocate for women in leadership. She was the Silver Winner of the International Stevie Awards for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year and an Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future nominee.

Sarah began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 and founded The Dream Collective, co-founded Gemini3 and authored two top-selling books.

The Dream Collective has helped to advance the career of 1200 emerging female leaders since its launch.

Born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, educated in Japan and now working in Australia, Sarah is a true global citizen.

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