Cutting Calories is easier than you think!

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At some stage we’ve all tried to lose weight by cutting calories, eating less, exercising more – only to find that nothing has changed. No wonder we give up! However, small changes in our everyday choices can make a difference.

Cutting a few calories here and there won’t show up on the bathroom scales immediately, but making consistent changes will. There are ways to do this that are quite effortless in sidestepping excess calories throughout the day.

Food labels are confusing, especially when kilojoules and calories are mixed together – perhaps the confusion is a deliberate attempt to interrupt your best intentions? Even skipping milk in tea or coffee can save 50 calories each time.

Start the day with a high-fibre breakfast, because you will feel full sooner, and end up eating less. Consider oats as an option. Research shows that you will eat 30% fewer calories at lunch than those who had a sugar-based cereal for breakfast.

Soft drinks are notorious for hidden sugars. Sparkling mineral water saves you calories and you might even be able to compensate for them elsewhere across the day. Protein snacks and nuts can keep the tempting treats at bay. High protein meals have a greater effect on fullness than low-protein ones.

If you eat lunch at work and you have to order it, make sure you do that before you are hungry. Even an hour before your meal makes a difference to the calories you eat.

Interestingly, if your kitchen area is cluttered and untidy, you seem to eat more unhealthy snacks! That is from a 2016 research study. Cooking at home and eating out less often is another smart way to enjoy less calories – disappointing but true nevertheless.

Eating in front of the TV is called mindless eating. Eating in that distracted fashion encourages you to eat more. Sit at your table, turn off the TV and watch the weight drop.


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  • Does shopping or ordering when I’m hungry affect my food intake?
  • Is a glass of wine increasing my calories all that much?
  • What role does fibre play?

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