Does your small business have a road map to financial success?


Tax, insurance, bookkeeping, BAS statements, PAYG… If you’re a small business or solo entrepreneur (solopreneur) managing finances can be the least exciting and most onerous tasks you can perform.

But ask yourself.

Why would you put your passion, time, hard work and hard earned dollars into a small business or solo venture and then not ensure it’s financially sustainable?

This week Deborah talks to Natalie Ducki, CPA, registered BAS agent and the founder of the Collective Works – an all female boutique accounting agency and seeks advice on how to navigate the waters of small business finances while ensuring there is a road map to success.

Before getting into the dollars and cents, Deborah asks Natalie why she decided to create an all female boutique agency and why it’s important to find a good accountant or bookkeeper.

“(the all female agency) naturally occurred, but in saying that it was about finding the right people for the right job,” said Natalie.

“Communication is a key and it just so happens that women are the best communicators, so that’s how it evolved,” said Natalie.

“With accounting and bookkeeping, understanding the business operations and what they do on a day-to-day basis is a key to success,” says Natalie.

“Accounting and bookkeeping, as dorky as it may sound, can really help business owners make valuable decisions and grow their business,” said Natalie.

Tomorrow Natalie walks Deborah through bookkeeping makeovers, the importance of correctly managing your online systems and why a qualified accountant or bookkeeper can help you develop a roadmap to success.

About Natalie Ducki

Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Majoring in Accounting) from the University of New South Wales. She continued her professional development by becoming a registered Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), as well as a registered BAS agent. As a numbers aficionado and a people person, Natalie is committed to sustaining the financial health of your business. Now with 20 years of experience, Natalie has worked across various industries, however, her passion and expertise lie in the entertainment and not-for-profit sectors. Natalie’s recent position as Financial Controller and Operations Manager of Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin’s group of companies has provided her with the industry knowledge, ambition and collaborative skills to strive for excellence. Leading the team at Collective Works, Natalie oversees all accounting and financial services, providing the necessary counsel to assist businesses in better managing all aspects of financial controls and discipline. Collective Works provides boutique accounting, bookkeeping and business advisory services.

About Collective Works

Focusing on small to medium sized businesses, Collective Works assists with everyday financial, commercial and business requirements. While media, retail and entertainment businesses are our specialty, our services span all industries. Collective Works is a Certified Practising Accounting firm and BAS Agent. Members of Certified Practising Accountants Australia, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and registered suppliers with Supply Nation. Our team comprises of qualified accountants, bookkeepers and Xero advisors.

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